Harlingen Texting & Cell Phone Accidents

Distracted driving is among the leading causes of auto wrecks in the United States. Some quarters point to this vice as more devastating than drunk driving. The most popular way motorists are distracted is through the use of mobile phones. Whenever they are texting, replying to an email, making a call, or surfing the internet, they put the lives of other road users at serious risk. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that over 1.6 million crashes that occur in the U.S each year stem from the use of mobile phones while driving.

Texting and the use of handheld mobile phones while driving are prohibited in Texas. Nonetheless, these behaviors continue to cause harm and damage to Texans. If you were injured or lost a loved one in these circumstances, you are not alone. The proficient car accident lawyers at our firm are here to help fight for your rights. Without an iota of doubt, we believe that rogue drivers who cause severe injuries to innocent road users should take financial responsibility for the losses that kick in following a devastating accident.

Why Texting and Cell Phone Use is Dangerous

When out on Harlingen roads, drivers must maintain high standards of care to ensure their safety and the general public. When they use their cell phones, this duty is likely to be breached. Their attention must always be on the road, so when they take their eyes off the surroundings to text, they may not be aware of impending danger. As a result, they end up ramming into other vehicles and property or hitting pedestrians.

A driver who is found guilty of causing a Harlingen texting and cell phone accident may be jailed or fined depending on the extent of harm caused. A state prosecutor may initiate criminal charges with a view of punishing the driver for negligence. As the injured victim, this type of lawsuit is rarely beneficial to you. You must also prepare and file a formal personal injury claim against the party at fault to recover damages for your losses.

Proving a Harlingen Texting and Cell Phone Accident

Proving a Harlingen texting and cell phone accident may be an uphill task, more so if this is your first-time pursuing compensation. However, I urge you not to worry or give up on your legal rights. Our car accident lawyers are here to help. Some of the significant ways liability may be proven in these accidents include:


An eyewitness may have seen the driver texting or talking on the phone while driving in some scenarios. Such parties are very crucial in proving your case. That’s why we recommend that you don’t leave the accident scene without recording their contact information and testimonials. Their side of the story is invaluable when seeking compensation for your injuries and losses.

Driver’s Admission of Fault

In infrequent occasions, the driver may admit fault. It could either be out of shock or remorse for damage caused. It’s, therefore, crucial to record everything the driver says at the scene and retain a copy of the police report. Some drivers often admit liability to investigation officers while looking for leniency, especially for first-time offenders. 

Evidence from Cell Phone Carriers

Proving a Harlingen texting and cell phone accident may also require evidence from cell phone carriers, but without experience and resources, you may not know where to start. It would help if you let an experienced Harlingen car accident lawyer send a demand letter on your behalf. From the evidence gathered, your attorney may be able to link the texts and call logs with the exact time the accident occurred.

Traffic Footages

Harlingen texting and cell phone accidents may also be proved using footage recorded by traffic cameras. They may capture drivers using their cell phones while driving. However, accessing such information may be a long process for an injured victim. Retaining a skilled attorney is highly beneficial since they do all the work on your behalf.

Speak to an Attorney Today if You Have Been Involved in a Texting and Cellphone Accident in Harlingen

It’s no debate that Harlingen texting and cell phone accidents can be devastating. The aftermath can be traumatizing, especially when you have suffered catastrophic injuries. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we step in to ensure justice is served by pursuing maximum compensation from the party at fault. Through our experience and networks, we may help link the driver’s actions to your injuries and losses. We will be happy to listen to you and answer any questions you may have. Call us today. 

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