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Rollover accidents are particularly dangerous for vehicle occupants as well as pedestrians. These accidents could also trigger a chain of crashes, therefore increasing the likelihood of further losses. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these accidents account for at least 2.1% of auto wrecks in the U.S. But even so, the rate of fatalities and injuries takes a record 35% of all motor vehicle accident injuries reported each year.

Unfortunately, most of these cases stem from negligence on the part of key players in the transport industry. If Texas car injury laws are anything to go by, victims of accidents caused by negligence may be eligible for compensation. Similarly, if you have suffered from catastrophic injuries or lost a loved one in a rollover accident, you deserve justice. Our car accident attorneys are here to help. Since the damage you suffered cannot be reversed, the only option is to hold the parties at fault financially responsible for your losses. A qualified Harlingen rollover accident lawyer will discuss your case before taking any legal action.

Liability in Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident happens when a vehicle loses control, collides with another car or a fixed object, causing it to flip on its side or roof. There are many reasons why this may occur. Most cases recorded in Texas are caused by negligence. Based on the facts of your accident, an experienced Harlingen rollover accident lawyer may help establish liability on the following parties:


There’s no debate that Texas enjoys state-of-the-art highways and roads, creating a conducive haven for motorists to crisscross the state freely. One would expect that auto wrecks would be a thing of the past, or at least reduced with such infrastructure. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Drivers engage in careless behaviors such as speeding, unsafe lane changes, distracted driving, reckless overtaking, and aggressive driving. These behaviors are a catalyst to rollover crashes.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Vehicle defects also play a crucial role in rollover accidents. Specifically, Standard Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have a higher center of gravity, making them susceptible to flipping when they hit an object or collide with another vehicle. Although manufacturers have made efforts to counter these designs by producing cars with a lower center of gravity, more people continue to fall victim to unsafe vehicle designs.

Of course, these parties are highly protected from product liability claims by experienced and high-priced lawyers. Their primary responsibility is to ensure they suffer minimum losses, if any, so it would damage your case if you self-represented yourself. To level the playing field, you equally need a reputable and aggressive Harlingen rollover accident lawyer.

Vehicle Owners

Sometimes, car owners may have had a hand in a rollover accident even when not driving. For example, they have a legal duty to ensure that they hire competent drivers. If it’s established they did not meet the qualifications to operate a vehicle, the owner may be enjoined as a defendant in the case.

Another way they may assume liability is through improper maintenance of the vehicle. Texas laws require that car owners subject their fleet to regular maintenance checks. If the car owner in your case did not meet this requirement, a Harlingen rollover accident lawyer may file a claim against them.

Construction Companies/State Agencies

Texas state records a work zone every 70 miles. These sites present a safety risk for motorists. If you ran into an unmarked work zone, the construction company may be responsible for your injuries and losses. Liability could be established through the actions of the employees. For example, a negligence claim may be brought forward if they failed to properly place warning signs or direct vehicles to safety.

Damages Available in a Rollover Accident Case

You may recover damages for lost wages, lost future earnings, pain, and suffering as well as medical expenses. All you need to prove is your losses are related to the accident and nothing else. If someone is killed, the family members may file a survival action or wrongful death claim. This way, they may collect damages for emotional trauma, funeral costs, medical expenses, loss of consortium, and loss of financial support from your breadwinner.

Speak to an Attorney if You Have Been Involved in a Rollover Accident in Harlingen 

If you were a passenger in a rollover crash or got involved in one, you should speak with an attorney regarding your eligibility for compensation. These cases are often complicated, especially when liability is not straightforward. Although no amount of payment can equal the losses suffered, our Harlingen rollover accident lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure you are fairly compensated. Contact us right away.

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