Texas City Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries, whether mild or severe, are not your ordinary type of injuries. Besides the risk of causing further complications, especially with cognitive functions, they are usually expensive to treat. Some of them result in permanent disability. This means continued treatment and life adjustments.

If your injuries resulted from neglect of duty, you deserve justice. Our Texas City brain injury lawyers are committed to holding the other party legally accountable and responsible for the harm you suffered as well as the damages incurred. Please contact Lone Star Injury Attorneys right away to learn more about how our skilled catastrophic injury attorneys can help.

Leading Causes of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be caused by different factors and circumstances. Tragically, most of them involve an element of negligence. Our Texas City brain injury attorneys take up personal injury claims involving:

Workplace Accidents

Some workplaces are more likely to cause a brain injury than others. Unfortunately, construction sites and factories expose millions of workers to untold risks. Brain injuries in these places may result from defective equipment, falls from heights, getting struck by objects, and human errors. For example, a worker may swing an object without making sure it’s safe to do so only for another worker to get struck and injured.

Auto Wrecks

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading causes of brain injuries across the U.S, with a crash being reported every minute. They often occur in accidents involving:

Injuries to the brain can occur as one hits the ground or during the initial collision. Speaking with an experienced Texas City brain injury attorney is the best way you can protect your rights after an auto collision.


Another common cause of brain injuries is slip and fall accidents. It can be missing a step in a staircase or falling off a ladder while doing home repairs.

Medical Negligence

Sometimes all it takes is negligence from a medical practitioner such as a doctor, nurse, or surgeon for a brain injury to occur. It may be during childbirth, surgery, or even drug administration. When the negligence of these parties results in serious harm, they become accountable for the suffering that follows. A skilled attorney can help such victims pursue justice from individual persons, hospital management, or drug manufacturers.

Compensation Following a Brain Injury

You may be eligible for a variety of damages in a brain injury case. Whether you negotiate with insurance companies or proceed to court, you should look forward to compensation for:

  • Lost wages for the time not worked
  • Past and future medical costs
  • Homecare and rehabilitation expenses
  • Loss of consortium and companionship
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of income-earning ability

Working with a knowledgeable Texas City brain injury attorney is a great way of maximizing your compensation.

Enlist the Help of a Texas City Brain Injury Attorney

Many personal injury victims get scared at the thought of hiring an attorney. They believe all lawyers charge an exorbitant rate for consultations and taking up cases. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, particularly when you decide to hire our attorneys. We are mindful of your financial needs, especially after a serious injury, and are therefore not looking to add to your pain.

Our team will take up your case on a contingency fee arrangement where we only recover attorney’s fees once you are settled. Through the no-win-no-pay policy, there are no hidden or overpriced charges for you. Call our offices today to speak with our Texas City brain injury lawyers about your case.

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