spinal cord model Spinal Cord injury lawsuits are among the most common claims of all injury cases. Victims suffering from these types of injuries often incur large financial losses because the treatment of these injuries often requires continued specialized care. Whether the victim has medical insurance coverage or not, he or she may need help with their treatment. Remember, it’s not always about money. The emotional distress they are subjected to may also stretch to their family and loved ones.

If you have sustained damage to your neck or back in an accident, it is advisable to hire a Missouri City spinal cord injury lawyer to help you obtain the best and maximum settlement possible. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney will be able to evaluate your case, explain the losses you’ve suffered to the insurance company, and if necessary, file a lawsuit for compensation. But before going to court, a good lawyer will try to negotiate a settlement with the proper insurance company.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries in Missouri City

Spinal cord injuries are often a result of blunt trauma. Some are minor and bearable, while others are severe. This severity is dependent on the degree of trauma subjected to the spine, and will also determine whether the victim will fully recover from the injuries, or if their injuries are permanent. Understanding the cause of your spine injuries helps your lawyer determine the damages in your case.

Spinal cord injuries may occur due to different reasons such as:

When you suffer from spinal cord injuries, you may lose your ability to work. The injured party may be partially or totally paralyzed. At the very least, your quality of life has changed, and you may be unable to do the same things you could do before. For example, apart from losing your mobility, you may also lose your ability to sleep comfortably, sit comfortably, bend down, or reach up for things.

The most common form of permanent spinal cord injury is a herniated disc.  In many injury cases, an incident causes one or more of your discs to be dislodged.  These discs may press on the nerves along your spinal cord, which causes you pain.  If the disc presses further, it may even impair your motor skills.  Many car accident victims, for example, struggle with gripping things after their injury. A local attorney could assess the cause of your spinal cord injury and determine how to proceed with a claim.

Filing a Claim for a Back Injury

You can file a lawsuit for a neck or back injury depending on your situation. Some of these situations are when you file a lawsuit for your own injuries, while others are for filing on behalf of a loved one, often a child or spouse.

Some of these instances include:

  • Your child’ spinal cord being injured due to the negligence of others
  • Suffering severe spinal cord harm in a workplace accident
  • Suffering from myelomalacia (softening of the spinal cord) due to medical malpractice during surgery
  • Getting injured in a rear-end car accident
  • Becoming paralyzed after being struck by a car

A spinal cord injury lawyer could help you determine if you are eligible to file a civil suit.

Negligence in a Missouri City Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

doctor looking at scans

All personal injury lawsuits relate to acts of negligence and their role in your accident. Similarly, an attorney will have to establish how the defendant was negligent. He or she must demonstrate how the defendant owed you the duty of care, and how that care was breached. But most of all, he or she must show that the neck or back injuries you sustained were caused by that breach of care, and not anything else, such as aging or another incident.

This breach can be through action or inaction by the defendant. Acts of negligence include:

  • A driver knocking you down because he/she was texting while driving
  • A driver running a stop sign and hitting your car
  • A manufacturer failing to warn product consumers and users of its dangers
  • A driver knowingly driving a car with defective brakes

Working with a lawyer who has experience proving negligence could help you obtain a favorable outcome in your spinal cord injury case.

How a Missouri City Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Can Help

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we are dedicated to helping you with your case from start to finish. Our Missouri City spinal cord injury lawyers will offer you the best legal counsel when litigating your case, and throughout the process, he or she will demand full justice for your injuries. We will put our vast experience in personal injury cases to good use on your behalf. Call us today for a free consultation.