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Suffering burn injuries in an accident is an incredibly terrifying and painful experience. It is even more distressing when someone else is responsible for your injuries. According to the American Burn Association, there are approximately 1.1 million recorded burn injuries in the U.S each year. Fortunately, our League City burn injury attorneys are here to assist you. If you have sustained burn injuries in an accident, it is in your best interest to consult with a dedicated injury attorney immediately.

How Do Burn Injuries Occur?

Burn injuries can happen in various environments where conditions are conducive to fire or heat. Fire accidents are the leading cause of burn injuries, not only in League City but throughout the United States, according to recent statistics. However, residential fires are not the sole cause of burn injuries. Numerous other accidents, including car crashes, construction site incidents, electrical faults, and tanker truck collisions, can result in severe burn injuries.

Car Accidents

It is common for cars involved in crashes to ignite, leading to serious fires. Depending on the impact of the car accident, sparks can be generated, which then ignite the gasoline used as fuel. Unfortunately, many victims who suffer burn injuries in such accidents are passengers. Due to the suddenness of the fire, passengers often have insufficient time to react, unbuckle their seatbelts, and escape the scene.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are known for their use of industrial equipment and dangerous tools. Some construction companies employ explosives for rock blasting or quick deconstruction. While workers typically wear safety gear, it may not always guarantee safety for them and passersby.

Electrocution Accidents

Electrical faults account for a significant percentage of reported burn injuries in League City. Most homes are powered by electricity, with numerous electrical devices and appliances in use simultaneously. Faulty electrical systems or defective products can pose risks of electricity-related burn injuries to users.

Tanker Accidents

Commercial tanker trucks transport large volumes of fuel across extensive distances on a daily basis. Compared to accidents involving smaller vehicles, tanker truck accidents are more likely to be fatal or cause serious injuries, often resulting in severe burns or even death. Many of these crashes occur due to driver negligence, while others can be attributed to insufficient driver training or supervision by the trucking companies. Compliance with federal and state regulations is crucial to ensure driver safety. Our skilled attorneys can investigate your situation to determine the cause of your burn injury and identify the responsible party.

Proving Negligence in a League City Burn Injury Claim

In a personal injury case, it is essential to demonstrate evidence of negligence. As the plaintiff, you bear the burden of proof, meaning you must convince the judge or jury that the defendant failed to act reasonably, resulting in harm to you.

Your attorney must establish that the defendant:

  1. Owed you (the plaintiff) a legal duty of care
  2. Failed to act responsibly, breaching that duty
  3. The breach directly or proximately caused the accident that resulted in harm to you
  4. You suffered damages as a direct consequence of the incident

For an average person, particularly a victim of severe burn injuries, proving negligence can be challenging. To safeguard your legal rights, it is advisable to promptly discuss your burn injury case with a League City lawyer.

Damages Available for a Severe Skin Injury

indoor fire

When seeking compensation in a burn injury claim through civil litigation or negotiation with the insurance company, various damages are available depending on the circumstances of your case. Economic damages aim to make you whole for the financial aspects of your losses and provide assurance for your future earning capacity. These damages encompass the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of income earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Fortunately, compensation for personal injury cases also covers non-economic damages that victims endure. This includes pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and mental anguish. A dedicated lawyer will strive to secure the maximum amount of compensation for your burn injury.

Contact a League City Burn Injury Attorney Today

A League City burn injury lawyer should not only be someone you consult about your case but also a supportive friend who understands your human experience and the potential financial constraints you may face in pursuing your case. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we are committed to advocating for burn victims. We offer free consultations, and our attorneys’ fees are based on a contingency fee arrangement, meaning we only receive payment if you win your case. Contact us online or by phone to discuss your case.

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