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Thousands of car accidents occur in the United States every year. According to a report by Forbes, there were approximately, 35,766 fatal auto wrecks in the U.S in 2020. Even if you haven’t been involved in a crash, there’s a possibility it may happen at some point in your life. It’s important to know the steps to take after an accident to protect your rights. Fortunately, not all car accident cases result in fatalities. Some crashes lead to minor bumps that don’t require extensive medical care. However, there are cases that cause severe and life-threatening injuries to victims. Therefore, it’s always wise to undergo a medical evaluation to rule out the possibility of internal injuries or fractures.

After a car accident, in addition to seeking medical attention, the best course of action is to contact a League City car accident lawyer. They will support you not only throughout the legal process but also on your journey to recovery. A reputable personal injury attorney prioritizes their client’s well-being, attending court sessions and handling necessary paperwork while you focus on healing. If you sustained injuries in a car accident resulting from driver negligence, we can provide assistance.

Why Shouldn’t I File a Car Accident Claim on My Own?

Following a car accident, you have two legal options: handle the claims process independently or hire an experienced auto accident attorney to handle your case. While you have the right to litigate your case alone, it’s highly advisable not to burden yourself with the complex legal process, especially when you may also be dealing with medical appointments. The confusion, trauma, and stress that follow a crash can cloud your judgment, making you prone to legal mistakes throughout the personal injury process.

Hiring a skilled and dedicated legal professional helps you avoid such mistakes. Remember, the outcome of your case depends on the evidence you collect and present, proving fault, and litigating your case. Additionally, since the defendant will have their own defense counsel provided by their insurance company, pursuing the claim alone would be like going into battle without weapons. There are numerous benefits to having a League City attorney handle your car accident case.

Familiarity with the Court Process in League City

If your case goes to trial, it’s important to have knowledge of the laws, legal procedures, and traffic regulations specific to car accident cases in your area. A seasoned vehicle collision attorney will assist you with the complex paperwork and legal requirements, saving you time that can be used for other matters.

Negotiating with Auto Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are notorious for acting in bad faith. Regardless of the clarity of your case, insurance adjusters often find ways to dismiss or undervalue your claims. Their initial settlement offers are rarely fair, and they are well aware of it. The desperation that often arises after an accident may lead you to accept settlement offers without due diligence, ultimately jeopardizing your legal rights. To avoid such situations, always consult with a lawyer before engaging with the insurance company or the defendant.

Proving Liability in a Vehicle Collision Case

The success of a car accident lawsuit largely hinges on your ability to prove fault. If the judge or jury isn’t convinced of your claims, you risk losing all your damages, even if you were completely not at fault for the crash. To establish liability, you will need evidence such as copies of police reports, eyewitness accounts, expert witness testimonials, medical reports, and other supporting documentation. Some of these pieces of evidence may be difficult to obtain without the assistance of an attorney.

Assessing the Value of Your Claims

When filing a car accident claim, it is important to understand the potential value that a jury may assign to your injuries. This knowledge helps you make an informed decision about accepting the insurance company’s settlement offer or proceeding to court. There is no better way to assess the value of your claims than by engaging a car crash attorney with extensive experience in handling jury trials. They will evaluate the damages in your case to determine the likely outcome at trial.

Our League City Car Accident Attorneys are Here to Assist You

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we are dedicated to helping you with your case. Our committed League City car accident lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure that your case is handled promptly and in accordance with legal requirements. Contact us today for a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys. We not collect a fee unless your case is successfully settled.

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Max is the Attorney to Turn to, if Disaster Strikes!

Max is the Attorney to Turn to, if Disaster Strikes!
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