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Thousands of car accidents occur in the United States every year.  If you have not been involved in a crash, you may be involved in one at some point in your life. You should know the steps to take after a crash to ensure that your rights are protected. Luckily, not all car accident cases are fatal. Some crashes result in minor bumps that don’t require intensive medical care. However, there are some which cause severe and life-threatening injuries to victims. Thus, it’s always a good idea to have yourself medically evaluated to rule out the possibility of having suffered internal injuries or fractures.

After a car accident, the best thing you can do, apart from seeking medical attention, is contacting a League City car accident lawyer. He or she will be by your side not only during the legal process but also on your journey to recovery. A good personal injury attorney will always focus on their client’s well-being, meaning that he or she will attend court sessions and file the appropriate paperwork on your behalf, while you focus on your recovery. If you were injured in a car accident resulting from an act of driver negligence, we can help.

Why Can’t I File a Car Accident Claim on My Own?

After a car accident, there are two legal options available for you. You can either tackle the legal process of filing a claim on your own or hire an experienced auto accident attorney to handle your case for you. Nothing bars you from litigating your case on your own. However, it’s highly inadvisable to burden yourself with the complex legal process, when you may also be following up with doctors’ visits. The confusion, trauma, and stress that kicks in after a crash can make you less objective, making you prone to legal mistakes throughout the personal injury process.

Hiring a skilled and dedicated legal professional helps you avoid such mistakes. Remember, the outcome of your case is as good as the input you bring forward when collecting and presenting evidence, proving fault, and litigating your case. And given that the defendant will have their own defense counsel provided by their insurance company, filing the claim on your own will be like going to battle without weapons. There are many benefits to having a League City attorney handle your car accident case.

Knowledge of the Court Process in League City

If your case goes to trial, you must be knowledgeable about the different laws, legal procedures, and traffic regulations governing car accident cases in your area. A seasoned vehicle collision attorney will help you with the rigorous paperwork and legal expectations. This saves you time that can otherwise be used in other matters.

Negotiations with Auto Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are known for their acts of bad faith. No matter how clear your case is, insurance adjusters will always find a reason to dismiss your claims or lower the value of damages filed for. Their initial settlement offer is never a fair amount, and they know it as well. The desperation that many feel after a crash can make you accept settlement offers blindly without due diligence. In the end, you may end up signing away your legal rights. To avoid these scenarios, always talk to a lawyer before communicating with the insurance company or the defendant.

Proving Liability in a Vehicle Collision Case

A successful car accident lawsuit is largely dependent on whether you can prove fault. If the judge or jury is not convinced about your claims, you stand to lose all your damages even when you were 100% not at-fault for the crash. But to prove liability, you’ll need copies of police reports, eye-witness accounts, expert witness testimonials, medical reports, and other pieces of evidence to prove your claims. Some of them are not easily accessible without an attorney.

Valuing your Claims

When filing a car accident claim, you need to know the amount that a jury would value your injuries. This allows you to determine the best legal option for you when choosing to accept the insurance company’s offer or proceed to court. There’s no better way of valuing your claims than retaining a car crash attorney with years of experience handling jury trials. He or she will evaluate the damages in your case to determine the likely result you will receive at trial.

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