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The transportation industry isn’t what it was even a few years ago. Today, there are more cars on the road than ever before, both for private and commercial purposes. With this, people and goods can move freely, easily and safely. What’s more, our road networks continue to develop to accommodate motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, emergency response vehicles, motorcyclists and all other types of road users. But even with safety measures in place, accidents continue to occur, killing thousands of people every year, while millions of others are left with serious injuries.

According to recent statistics, a majority of these accidents are preventable, meaning they are largely caused by human negligence. Sadly, not every road user safeguards their duty of care toward others on the road. As a result, they end up creating an unsafe environment which often leads to fatal accidents. What follows is a series of physical pain and suffering as well as a financial rollercoaster.

You don’t have to face the aftermath of an accident alone. Our League City failure to yield lawyers can help. Luckily, victims of accidents caused by recklessness can be compensated handsomely by filing a claim. But as expected, this doesn’t come easily. You will have to undergo a rigorous court process that demands time, money and dedication. Unfortunately, you may not have all these requirements, especially when seeking medical treatment is your priority. This is where the experience, resources and determination of a League City car accident lawyer is needed.

Understanding How Failure to Yield Accidents Occur

A failure to yield accident occurs when a motorist fails to allow a pedestrian, cyclist, or any other designated road user the right of way. For example, motorists have a responsibility of ensuring that they yield the right of way to pedestrians on a crossing. But if a driver fails to obey this rule, and drives through, he or she is deemed to have failed in yielding the right of way to the pedestrians.  This also commonly occurs with left-hand turns on a green traffic light.

Yielding the right of way doesn’t apply to pedestrians only. There are specific areas and instances where pedestrians may also yield the right of way to motorists. For example, all motorists are bound by law to yield the right of way to trains when approaching a railway crossing. These laws are meant to cushion all road users from harm that would otherwise arise if everyone wants to “go first.” A knowledgeable accident attorney can help you understand these right of way laws.

What are the Major Causes of Right of Way Collisions in League City?

Failure to yield accident causes vary from case to case. Throughout our years of litigating these cases, our League City attorneys have come across almost every type of failure to yield accident. And sadly, over 90% of these accidents result from acts of negligence from individuals, most commonly drivers.

Some of these causes are road rage, poor driver training, speeding, and distracted driving.

Road Rage

When going about your daily activities, you surely come across thousands of motorists using the same road. Sadly, not all of them are in their right state of mind. Some are angry, depressed, in a hurry, or going through difficult times. They react at the slightest provocation like slow-moving traffic. In the end, they engage in road rage, failing to yield the right of way to deserving motorists and pedestrians.

Poor Driver Training

Not every driver on the road is properly trained to understand road safety rules and procedures. As a result, they end up flouting traffic rules such as yielding the right way in areas designated as such. Most of these cases involved teenage drivers.


Speeding is a recipe for fatal accidents. Similarly, engaging in highway racing or chasing can result in failure to yield, putting the lives of tens of people at risk in the proces. Again, teenage drivers are among the leading group of drivers who engage in this type of accident.

Distracted Driving

Drivers are always expected to be on the lookout while driving. Their attention and focus should be on their environment and surroundings. But once a driver is distracted with adjusting the car audio settings, replying to a text, or making a call, he or she may fail to yield the right of way to other motorists and road users. If another person failed to yield for any reason, a skilled attorney can help you build a case.

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