Importance of Following Up With Treatment After an Accident in Houston

Car accidents occur abruptly and often change lives in an instant. Unfortunately, many traffic accidents stem from negligent human behavior which is a violation of the duty of care. Innocent passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, bikers, and other road users find themselves grappling with serious injuries and loss of property. Sometimes lives are lost, leaving behind untold emotional trauma to family and friends of the deceased. For survivors, catastrophic injuries could mean permanent disability or prolonged medical care.

The personal injury lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys dedicate themselves to helping victims of negligence get justice for the harm suffered. The road to recovery can be long, expensive, and emotionally draining. You need an ally who shares your pain and suffering, and who is ready to fight for your rights. But before you are reimbursed for damages suffered, there are certain requirements you must fulfill depending on your state and jurisdiction. One of the most common things you must do is seek treatment for injuries suffered. Causation and damages can only be proven if you have the documentation to support your claim. However, seeing a doctor is not enough. You must follow up with treatment as advised.

As personal injury attorneys who care about our client’s well-being and rights, we cannot stress enough the importance of following up with treatment after an accident.  Some of the basic reasons why you should follow your doctor’s orders and appointments are:

Doctors are Knowledgeable Professionals

Doctors have the necessary qualifications and training to assess injuries and recommend treatment for patients. That’s why when your doctor comes up with a treatment plan, you should follow it to the letter. Seeking a second opinion regarding your injuries is okay, but you should never accept advice from anyone who is not a licensed medical practitioner. Qualified doctors are the only party whose treatment plans and recommendations regarding your injuries can be trusted.

To Avoid Further Complications

When a doctor recommends a specific treatment plan and asks you to report back after some time, it’s in your best interests to do so. Because different injuries require different treatment approaches, following up with a set appointment will help avoid further complications that could result in deadly or costly consequences. With medication, you can easily tell what works and what doesn’t, therefore allowing for a change in the treatment plan.

To Identify Hidden Injuries

As you may know by now, some injuries are not immediately evident after an accident. It may take days or weeks for symptoms to show. If you continue feeling unwell or unexplainable pain even with treatment, your doctor will be able to narrow down the possible causes and recommend better treatment options. Some of these hidden injuries may be deadly if left untreated, so you shouldn’t hesitate to notify your doctor about any symptoms that continue to show during treatment after an accident. Always note down your progress as you continue with medication.

To Improve Long-Term Functioning

Some injuries are permanent and irreversible. The only option is continued therapy to improve long-term functioning. Failure to follow up with treatment means the intended results won’t be achieved, thus making your injuries more complicated. Although not all injuries are the same, victims who follow up with treatment have a better chance of improved functioning than those who do not. It is therefore in your best interests that you understand the importance of following up with treatment for your injuries after an accident.

For Documentation Purposes

If your injuries were caused by another party, you will wish to recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and much more. Basically, personal injury claims hinge on causation and damages. You must prove that the harm you suffered was directly linked to someone else’s negligence and that you suffered tangible and intangible losses as a result. Without medical documentation and doctor testimonials, doing so can be challenging. You must, therefore, ensure that you follow up with treatment and document your recovery process.

To Protect Your Legal Rights

Insurance companies will likely look for any loophole in your treatment process to deny your claim or lower settlement. Any gaps in your recovery journey will be used against you, so it would be in your best interests that you don’t allow them to discredit the legitimacy of your claim.

Our Houston Attorneys Can Help You Follow Up with Treatment

The aftermath of an accident can be chaotic. You don’t have to stall your treatment to focus on your case. Our personal injury attorneys will handle your claim so you can focus on adhering to your doctor’s recommendations. Talk to us today to learn more about the importance of following up with medical treatment after an accident in Houston.

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