Houston Coronavirus Lawsuits for Wrongful Death or Permanent Injury

masksAs the world continues to react to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are experiencing the fight of their lives. The COVID-19 virus is easily spread and carries a high danger for certain at-risk citizens, namely the elderly and those with autoimmune disorders. Most of those who contract the virus do so through no fault of their own or others. However, in some cases, people are needlessly exposed to the virus because of the negligence of someone else. That person may be their employer or another entity entrusted with the responsibility to keep them safe. In the wake of this global crisis, many community members have died. Reach out to a Houston coronavirus lawyer who could help with your personal injury claim.

How Can a Company’s Negligence Lead to the Spread of COVID-19?

Employers and Businesses

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo issued a “stay at home” order on March 24th, 2020, in which all Harris county residents and businesses were required to comply. Some businesses or entities may have required their employees to come to work despite the order. If as a result, one of the employees contracted the virus and suffered permanent injury or death, the employer should be held responsible for the damages he/she has caused.

Some local businesses were not required to close but were required to follow CDC guidelines on social distancing to the extent possible, allow access to handwashing facilities, and generally follow the recommendations from health officials. Failing to follow these measures may also result in employees contracting an illness.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are on high-alert, as the elderly are the most susceptible to death or serious illness if infected with the novel coronavirus. These nursing homes should take extreme precautions to ensure that their residents are protected. Failing to create a safe environment could endanger the most vulnerable residents, and could create liability for the nursing home for any wrongful deaths or permanent injury that could occur. An attorney in the area can help claimants identify who is at fault in their specific situation.

Reach Out to a Houston Coronavirus Attorney About Your Case

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A coronavirus lawsuit would require the same factors as any other wrongful death claim. First, the deceased’s representatives must prove that the negligent party owed a duty to the Plaintiff to keep him/her safe. Next, they must prove that they breached that duty, and as a result of that breach, someone suffered permanent injury or death.

Each case will have particular nuances that will require substantive knowledge of Texas and Harris County law. If you or a loved one has suffered from COVID-19 as a result of someone else’s negligence, call our office today to talk with a Houston coronavirus lawyer. Our free consultations will help determine if you have a viable wrongful death lawsuit.

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