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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most devastating consequences of automobile accidents. These injuries can occur in various ways but are most prevalent in high-impact incidents like motorcycle and truck accidents, as well as slip-and-fall incidents. The aftermath of TBIs extends beyond the victims, significantly affecting their caregivers too. In essence, traumatic brain injuries often bring about profound life changes.

Unfortunately, TBIs necessitate extensive medical care that can be financially out of reach for many. Without timely treatment, some of these injuries may deteriorate as pointed out by Mayo Clinic. Moreover, treatment for TBIs can be protracted, contrasting with the recovery period for minor injuries. As a result, securing an alternative funding source becomes essential. Our Friendswood traumatic brain injury lawyers are dedicated to helping you obtain monetary compensation for the harm suffered. If you or a loved one has endured a similar ordeal, consulting with our empathetic and experienced lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys should be your immediate priority.

Potential Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Friendswood

Various circumstances can lead to a brain injury. However, eligibility for monetary compensation hinges on the injured party’s ability to demonstrate that negligence contributed to the accident. Therefore, before deciding to file a brain injury lawsuit in Friendswood, consider the following questions:

  • Did someone owe you a duty of care?
  • Was that duty of care violated?
  • Did the violation result in harm to you?
  • Did you incur damages as a consequence?

If your answers are affirmative, you may be eligible for compensation. The following scenarios are commonly associated with TBIs:

Validating the aforementioned causes requires a cooperative effort between you and your head trauma attorney. During your free case evaluation, you should provide all the details you recall about your accident.

The Value of Retaining an Attorney for a TBI Claim

Hiring a lawyer brings numerous benefits. Beyond exhibiting compassion and empathy, our attorneys possess considerable experience in handling such cases. We understand what is required of us to maximize compensation. Here are a few key reasons why you should consider hiring a local TBI attorney:

Evidence Gathering and Case Development

Your potential for compensation in any personal injury case largely hinges on the strength of your evidence and argument. This involves gathering essential evidence related to your accident and liability. Given your condition, you may not be capable of handling this task, and even if you were, the process could prove strenuous and complex. Our lawyers can assist you in gathering indisputable evidence and crafting a compelling case to maximize your compensation.

Advocating for Maximum Compensation

Establishing liability and developing a strong case doesn’t automatically guarantee compensation. The process can become even more complicated. Insurance companies often deny claimants their rightful compensation through bad faith tactics or by making unreasonably low offers. As many victims are in dire need of financial support, they may end up accepting settlements far below what they deserve. However, with our determined attorneys, such unfair and predatory practices have no place.

Calculating Your Claims/Damages

Receiving any compensation and securing the compensation you truly deserve are two distinct outcomes. A comprehensive approach is necessary for determining the actual value of your short-term and long-term damages. Our Friendswood lawyers maintain a collaborative relationship with financial experts, who assist us in calculating the present value of any future medical treatments our clients may require. With the appropriate amount of monetary compensation, you can adequately manage the aftermath of your brain injury.

Our Friendswood Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys Provide Financial and Emotional Support

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Some attorneys pressure injured victims into retaining their services without thoroughly explaining what they offer and how they intend to aid them in the recovery process. Unlike these attorneys, our experienced team understands the trauma associated with a TBI and the complexity of the compensation process. As a result, we offer much more than just legal representation.

Firstly, our contingency fee arrangement ensures you receive legal representation at no upfront cost until we secure your compensation. This arrangement provides peace of mind, as you do not have to worry about the cost of legal services. Additionally, we facilitate connections for our clients with specialists such as therapists to help manage the stress and emotional trauma that follows a brain injury. Our goal is to ensure you receive the support, confidence, and knowledge you need throughout and beyond the legal process. For more information, please contact our Friendswood traumatic brain injury lawyers today.

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