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One of the most catastrophic types of injury associated with automobile accidents is traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Although there are many ways that someone may suffer these injuries, they are more common in accidents with huge impacts such as motorcycle crashes, truck accidents, as well as slips and fall accidents. When they occur, the impact is not only felt by the victim alone, but by the ones caring for them too. In other words, traumatic brain injuries often change lives drastically.

Unfortunately, TBIs require intensive medical care, and for an ordinary person, accessing state-of-the-art medical facilities may be beyond their reach. If not treated on time, some of these injuries may worsen. Additionally, treatment may be prolonged, unlike other minor injuries. Therefore, there is always a need for an alternative source of funds. Our Friendswood traumatic brain injury lawyers are here to help you recover monetary compensation for the harm suffered. If you or someone you love suffered similar harm, speaking with our compassionate and experienced lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys should be at the top of your to-do list.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Friendswood

There are many ways that someone can suffer a brain injury. However, they are only eligible for monetary compensation if the injured party can prove that an element of negligence caused the accident. So before deciding to file a brain injury lawsuit in Friendswood, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did someone owe you a duty of care?
  • Was the duty of care breached?
  • Did the breach cause you harm?
  • Did you suffer damages as a result?

If your answer is YES, you may qualify for compensation. Some of the most common scenarios likely to cause TBIs are:

Proving the above-mentioned causes requires a collaborative effort between you and your head trauma attorney. You should provide all the information you can remember about your accident during your free case evaluation.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney in a TBI Claim

Retaining a lawyer comes with a lot of benefits. Apart from being compassionate and caring, the attorneys at our firm are experienced in handling such cases. We know what is expected of us for maximum compensation. Some of the most important reasons you should consider retaining a local TBI attorney include:

Gathering Evidence and Building a Solid Case

Your ability to recover compensation in any personal injury case is largely dependent on how well you can prove your case. And to do this, you need to gather crucial evidence about your accident and liability. Unfortunately, you may not be fit to do this on your own, and even if you were, the process can be tiring and complex. Our lawyers can help you recover indisputable evidence and build a substantive case for maximum compensation.

Fighting for Maximum Compensation

Proving liability and building a strong case does not guarantee any compensation. In fact, the process gets more complicated. Insurance companies are known to deny victims their rightful compensation by engaging in acts of bad faith, or by giving extremely low offers to claimants. And given that most parties are desperate for financial resources, they end up receiving far much lower settlements than they deserve. But with our aggressive attorneys, there’s no room for such unfair and predatory tactics.

Calculating your Claims/Damages

Recovering any compensation and getting the compensation you deserve are two different things altogether. There is a need for a comprehensive approach to determining the actual value of your short-term and long-term damages. Our Friendswood lawyers have a cordial working relationship with financial experts who help us calculate the present value of future medical treatment that our clients may need. With the right amount of monetary compensation, you can properly manage the aftermath of your brain injury.

Our Friendswood Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys Offer Financial and Moral Support

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Some attorneys pressure injured victims into hiring them without explaining to them what they offer and how they will support them in the recovery process. Unlike them, our seasoned attorneys understand how traumatizing it is to suffer a TBI, and how difficult the compensation process can be. For this reason, we offer much more than just legal representation.

To begin with, our contingency fee arrangement guarantees you free legal representation until we get you paid. This ensures that you have peace of mind, and lastly, we help connect our clients to specialists such as therapists to help tackle the stress and emotional trauma that follows a brain injury. We will ensure that you get the support, confidence, and knowledge you need during and after the entire legal process. Contact our Friendswood traumatic brain injury lawyers today for more information.

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