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Car accidents are a very common occurrence in the United States today. Even with the numerous traffic acts and regulations, drivers and other motorists continue to flout these rules, resulting in serious car crashes. Sadly, thousands of lives are lost every year, with millions of others injured in other car accidents. A majority of these are caused by driver negligence, and they are often avoidable for the victim. Fortunately, auto wreck victims qualify for compensation if another party’s negligence resulted in the crash.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a vehicle collision, a Friendswood car accident lawyer can help. All you need to do is schedule a consultation session online or call one of our experienced injury attorneys today. Depending on your case, you may recover damages for medical bills, the loss of quality of life, pain & suffering, lost wages, and your loss of income earning capacity. You can also file a claim for wrongful death if someone’s life was lost in the crash.

Why Shouldn’t I File a Car Accident Claim Myself?

After a car accident, it’s up to you to decide whether to hire a lawyer or not. In reality, no law stops you from filing a vehicle collision claim by yourself. However, it’s always advisable to seek legal advice from competent, experienced, and resourceful car accident attorneys, even if you choose not to hire them. The benefits of retaining an attorney are numerous. While you do pay legal fees after the completion of your case, a good legal representative will only take your case if he/she can put more money in your pocket than if you handled the case yourself.

When Should I Hire a Friendswood Attorney?

Understanding when to hire an attorney for your car accident case is a very important part of the process. First, you’ll need to be time conscious to ensure that you’re not caught off-guard by the Texas statute of limitations. Secondly, you also have to ensure that it’s not too late for your Friendswood attorney to collect evidence and information about your case. For example, it will be difficult for your lawyer to find evidence from a scene where an accident occurred over three months ago. For this reason, you’ll need to contact your attorney as soon as possible after the accident occurs. Some of the other instances when you should consider hiring a lawyer include the following.

When Fault is not Clear

Whenever a car accident occurs, often nobody admits fault. In fact, the party mostly at-fault tries to avoid blame by pointing a finger at other motorists or even giving senseless excuses. As a result, the deserving party may walk away without compensation for the injuries suffered or damages incurred. In such a case, you’ll need an experienced lawyer to establish the fault for your car accident. Normally, your attorney may engage expert witnesses such as accident reconstructionists to re-create the events leading to the crash in order to determine fault.

When You’re Unfit to File a Claim by Yourself

Not all car accidents are minor. Some have very serious consequences, where victims end up confined to hospital beds for weeks, months, or longer. In such a state, the injured party may be unable to file a claim for damages effectively. This is where a car accident lawyer comes in. An experienced attorney can work on your case even while you recuperate or work and focus on your health.

When You Can’t Recover all Documents and Records

Your ability to recover damages in a car accident case is often dependent on how convincing the evidence in your case will be. You need to access, review, and present as many documents as possible as long if they’re related to your car accident case. Unfortunately, it may be more difficult to recover documents such as police reports, medical reports, or witness testimonials without the help of an attorney familiar with car crash cases.

When You Don’t Understand the Legal Process

Not everyone understands the legal process, especially when it comes to proving a personal injury case. No matter how convinced you are that you can pull it together alone, the truth is that at some point, you may need legal advice from a skilled attorney. Consider reaching out to our hard-working attorneys. The experience gained over our years of experience as outstanding car accident lawyers will be channeled to your case for maximum recovery of damages.

How Do I Contact a Friendswood Car Accident Attorney?

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You’ll never know the prospects of your case unless you talk to an expert. Our Friendswood car accident lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys are always ready to answer questions about your case. To contact us, call us or talk to us online right away.

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