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School-going children require special care during transportation to-and-from school-related activities. School buses are designed to fulfill this need. Annually, over 450,000 buses in the U.S cover at least 4.3 billion miles transporting 26 million children, according to the U.S Department of Transportation.  Although most trips go without an incident, these buses are equally prone to traffic accidents like other vehicles, causing needless deaths and injuries to innocent children.

If your child was in a school bus accident, our hearts reach out to you. We understand the anxiety and trauma that parents and guardians go through watching their children in pain. We are committed to helping you and your child get the justice you deserve. While no amount of settlement can compensate for the pain and suffering of your child, recovering maximum compensation can help secure their future, especially if they are severely injured. The award will tremendously help them access quality medical care. With decades of combined legal experience, our Fresno school bus accident lawyers have got what it takes to provide closure in your case. Reach out to our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys today.

Why Do School Bus Accidents Occur & Who is to Blame?

While it is largely true that school buses are safer, you should never forget that they are prone to the same dangers as other vehicles. Perhaps the only reason they are rarely involved in fatal crashes is the regulation around their operations by the state and federal governments. So when the parties responsible for the safe transportation of children do not adhere to set safety rules, and an accident occurs, they set themselves up for legal action. Unfortunately, statistics show that most school bus accidents, like other auto wrecks, stem from negligence. As a skilled attorney could attest, the most common causes of school bus accidents in Fresno are:

Driver Error

Drivers are usually the last line of defense regarding auto wrecks. Their behaviors while operating a vehicle often dictate whether an accident will occur or not. Texas laws mandate all drivers the responsibility of guaranteeing the safety of their passengers and other road users through the duty of care. Unfortunately, some act in complete disregard for these rules.  Driver negligence may be in the form of unsafe lane changes, drunk driving, speeding, and aggressive driving, among other dangerous behaviors.

Poor Road Designs and Construction

Some auto wrecks have been attributed to poor road designs and construction.  Poor road markings, especially on road intersections, have for a long time created confusion among motorists, resulting in preventable accidents. Road construction companies and local state agencies may bear liability in these scenarios. A seasoned Fresno school bus accident attorney can help you establish negligence on these parties and make a solid claim for compensation.

Improper Bus Maintenance

School bus owners and school administrations have a responsibility to ensure that these vehicles undergo regular maintenance as required under the law. Failure to do so may leave faulty parts unchecked, thus making them susceptible to causing fatal crashes. Liability, in this case, may fall on bus owners and school administration. You should consult with a knowledgeable Fresno school bus accident attorney about pursuing compensation since some government entities have immunity against lawsuits.

Defective Systems and Parts

As mentioned earlier, defective vehicle systems and parts often contribute to traffic accidents. Although some cases stem from improper vehicle maintenance, there are scenarios where the faulty parts are traced back to bus manufacturing companies. Filing a claim against manufacturers and distributors of faulty systems calls for experience and aggression. Over the decades, our attorneys cemented our place when it comes to holding these parties financially responsible for accidents caused by their negligence.

Negligence from Other Motorists

A school bus driver may be well trained, the bus may have undergone safety and maintenance checks, and even the roads may be state-of-the-art, but accidents will still occur. The negligent behaviors and actions of other motorists and road users may contribute to a school bus accident. A skilled school bus accident attorney can help you establish fault in these and other parties who may have contributed to the Fresno accident.

Discuss Your Fresno School Bus Accident Case with Our Attorneys Today

The aftermath of a school bus accident shouldn’t be something you have to deal with alone. You will be required to be in multiple places at the same time, leaving you with almost no time to pursue justice for your child.  Our Fresno school bus accident lawyers are here to help. Please get in touch with us today to arrange a one-on-one meeting.

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