How Does Payment for a Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer Work?

In one way or another, some life events call for a legal professional. It could be anything from a divorce and filing bankruptcy to personal injury law. All these cases require competent legal guidance and representation. Victims of accidents caused by the negligence of other parties are entitled to compensation for their injuries or losses. By filing an injury claim, they stand a chance to recover record-breaking compensation.

The primary concern for many people who seek the services of a personal injury attorney is the cost associated with retaining a legal team. Some have questions about how payment works and the repercussions of not being able to afford one. Due to popular stereotypes that make the legal profession look expensive and unreachable for many, some victims give up on their rights without putting up a fight. In turn, they lose top-dollar compensation.

Although these concerns are understandable, many of them are misplaced. For this reason, our team prepared this guide to help you understand how payment for a Fresno personal injury lawyer works.

Initial Consultations Are Usually Free

Imagine having to pay for every consult about your case. This is not only expensive but also discourages victims from seeking different opinions. This means they resort to working with one attorney without speaking with others and choosing the best among them. Fortunately, most personal injury attorneys in Fresno, including the team at our firm, offer free initial consultations. We don’t charge any fees to discuss or review your case. This allows us time with our clients, giving them the comfort they need to extensively examine their cases, ask questions and look without worrying about incurring huge bills.

Contingency Fee Arrangements

Personal injury lawyers in Fresno get paid when they settle cases with insurance companies or win injury claims in court. Most law firms in Texas, including Lone Star Injury Attorneys, take up cases on a contingency fee arrangement. Under this payment structure, your attorney’s payment will be contingent on the outcome of your case.

If your attorney wins the case, they will retain a percentage of the final settlement as agreed during consolations as attorney’s fees. You don’t owe any payment if no compensation is achieved through settlement or trial. In other words, this arrangement balances out your and your lawyers’ needs. Since the percentage to be retained if your case is successful varies from state to state and depends on the case at hand, you must get your agreement in writing before anything else. Your attorney’s fee will be inclusive of but not limited to the following

  • Court fees
  • Research services fees
  • Fees and payments for expert witnesses and investigators
  • Legal research costs
  • Legal documentation expenses such as postage and copying

We made things much more manageable to save you the time you would use to search through hundreds of lawyers around you. We offer free consultations so you can learn everything about us and look into our past cases without paying a cent.

Hourly Fee Arrangement

When a lawyer pushes for an hourly fee arrangement, they will charge you a set rate for every hour spent working on your case. Most personal injury attorneys in Fresno do not provide this payment model. A lawyer who asks for hourly payments may not have high hopes with your case, and thus the precaution on their side. It may also imply that they are not as qualified or experienced. Our firm does not provide this payment structure.


As the name suggests, the attorney is paid a lump sum way before they start working on your injury case. They will withdraw all legal fees related to your case until the retainer is depleted. Again, this may be a good sign that your case is likely to be futile or that the attorney is not experienced or convinced that you stand a chance of being compensated. Our Fresno attorneys will never ask for upfront payments when handling an injury claim.

Call our Firm to Learn More About How Payment for a Fresno Personal Injury Attorney Works

As discussed, the contingency fee arrangement has your best interests covered. After an accident, the last thing you want is to have to dig deeper into your pockets to finance a case with an uncertain positive outcome. Why give up on your rights when we can handle your case without asking for upfront payments? Call us today to learn more about how payment for our Fresno personal injury lawyers works.

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