Fresno Car Accident Trial Process

After an auto wreck, you could sue the party at fault for the accident. A skilled car accident attorney may help with every element of your case, from visiting the crash site to representing you in trial or negotiating with insurance companies.  Filing a claim with insurance companies or in the Texas court system is a complex process that only an experienced attorney can handle. Most cases are settled out of court, but you don’t always have to. If you feel the offers made by insurance adjusters do not represent your losses, you could always proceed to a trial.

Unlike settling with insurance companies, the Fresno car accident trial process involves a jury. The success of your claim will be hinged on how best you make your case. For this reason, it’s always a great idea to retain a legal team that understands how the Texas legal systems work and how to maximize your compensation. The trusted team at Lone Star Injury Attorneys is dedicated to helping our clients get justice, whether it means settling with insurance companies or going to court.

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Filing a Petition

After negotiations with insurance companies fail to yield a favorable settlement, or you don’t want to go down that path, you can opt to file a case in court. The lawsuit formally begins when the injured party files a petition in court. Also known as a complaint, this legal document contains the plaintiff’s demands, outlining the injuries and losses suffered. It also seeks to place the other party (the defendant) at the center of their damages. A copy is forwarded to the party at fault, and this marks the beginning of the Fresno car accident trial process.

Defendant Answering

Among the most notable hallmarks of the Texas court system is that they allow accused parties a chance to know what charges they are up against. This allows for an opportunity to defend themselves. This notice is served to defendants in both civil and criminal lawsuits. Serving a petition or complaint to the other party usually happens within thirty days, but the timeline may be extended under special circumstances, such as when they are difficult to track down. This deadline may also vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the more reason you ought to discuss your case with a trial-tested attorney.

Written Discovery

The Fresno car accident trial process allows both parties to exchange information and documents related to the lawsuit. The idea behind the written discovery is to help the plaintiff and the defendant to gather evidence and facts that are likely to help each party build their case. In most cases, this phase will have your attorney’s legal experience and expertise put to the test. When looking for a car accident lawyer, it’s imperative that you choose one that has a proven track record of winning cases through a court process.


Another unique and crucial tool in the discovery phase is depositions or oral discovery. Your car accident attorney will seek to find more information about your case by asking questions in the form of interrogatories. The questions will be posed to individuals from both parties, including yourself and eyewitnesses. For example, you may be tasked to answer questions about the day of the accident, such as where you were and what happened. The defense attorneys will also get a chance to question you.

Expert Witnesses

Unlike eyewitnesses who explain what they saw happen, expert witnesses do not necessarily mean they were there at the time of the accident. Instead, they provide a professional review of the subject matter based on their area of expertise. They may include accident reconstructionists, doctors, mental health experts, and economists.


Before going to trial, both parties will have a final chance to settle their case out of court. A mediator will be appointed to help them reach a mutual agreement. Remember that they are not supposed to compel you to settle but rather to provide a common ground for you and the defendant to compromise.


The final phase in a Fresno car accident trial process is going to trial. Here, both parties will present and argue their cases before a jury or judge, who, based on the evidence tabled before them, will proceed to reach a verdict. This process may take weeks or months, so you should retain a trial-tested attorney who will focus on your case from the start to the end.

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