Filing a Car Accident Case in Fresno

After an accident, you might want to recoup losses suffered repairing your vehicle or property. Even with medical insurance, you will still need to recover money spent on medical bills and rehabilitation. You may also have been away from work for a considerable time, thus incurring lost wages, and sometimes, your income-earning ability will suffer setbacks. In these moments, the best thing to do is to file a car accident claim especially if someone else was at fault.

Unfortunately, not all accidents result from negligence. It may be difficult to single-handedly establish the cause of your crash. Therefore, you need a knowledgeable car accident attorney who will team up with car accident experts such as highway engineers and accident re-constructionists to get to the bottom of your case. With their help, you will have the basis to file a car accident case in Fresno. Furthermore, you may have been severely injured or traumatized to handle the complex process alone. Our Lone Star Injury Attorneys are here to help and answer all questions you may have regarding filing a car accident case in Fresno.

How Do I Start a Car Accident Claim?

Essentially, the first step towards filing a car accident case in Fresno begins right after the crash. The initial moments determine the course your case takes, and whether you will eventually recover any damages. In this light, you should ensure that you safeguard your interests by remaining at the scene if you can, and collecting crucial information before it’s too late. Contacting a seasoned Fresno car accident lawyer may help a great deal.

The first step in filing a car accident case in Fresno after collecting all crucial evidence is notifying insurance companies. In many cases, the other party’s insurer will bear liability for your losses. In other scenarios, you may bring a claim against your insurance company if the party at fault is not found, or are underinsured. An insurance adjuster will be assigned to investigate and review your claim before an initial settlement offer is made. Although they may try to settle as soon as possible, insurance adjusters may also deny your claim regardless of how straightforward it is. This is usually the case when car accident victims face insurance companies on their own. With an aggressive attorney, your stakes increase, thus standing a better chance of reaching a better settlement.

If your claim is denied, or the settlement offered does not reflect your actual losses, you may proceed to court. Here, a jury will listen and review the facts of your claim before reaching a verdict. Although the trial process is more complex and time-consuming, it provides a better chance of recovering record-breaking compensation compared to an out-of-court settlement. Before going to trial, you will have another chance of solving your case through a mediator. During the trial, your attorney will present the facts of your case, make depositions and discovery before the case is determined.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Although you are not legally obligated to retain legal counsel when filing a car accident case in Fresno, a qualified attorney is crucial to the success of your claim. With their experience and deep knowledge in personal injury law, you stand a better chance of making a successful recovery than when you self-litigate. Some of the ways a skilled Fresno car accident attorney will help with your case include:

  • Establishing liability
  • Collecting and presenting crucial evidence
  • Negotiating fair settlement with insurance companies
  • Representing you in court
  • Valuing your claim
  • Giving you peace of mind to focus on treatment and recovery

In any case, most personal injury law firms, including Lone Star Injury Attorneys, do not require clients to make upfront payments to have their cases handled. Through the contingency fee policy, we represent our car accident victims in Fresno without collecting attorneys’ fees until a successful recovery is made. We don’t get paid unless you get compensated.  In other words, a win for you is a win for us.

Statute of Limitations

Texas allows car accidents victims a maximum of two years to file a car accident case. The most important thing to do after an accident is to commence the compensation process. You don’t need to wait until you are back on your feet. A dedicated attorney may handle your case while you focus on recovery to ensure that the statute of limitations does not lapse.

Speak to an Attorney if You Have Been Involved in a Car Accident in Fresno 

Filing a car accident case in Fresno can be a complex affair especially when it’s your first time. You will probably have questions you need answers to. Our Fresno car accident attorneys are here to help with your case and answer all your questions. Get in touch with us today for free consultations.

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