Expert Witnesses in Fresno Car Accident Cases

If you were in a car accident, your priority, of course, should be your health. Seeking medical treatment and following up with your doctor’s plan is vital. Afterwards, you should consider taking legal action against the party responsible for your injuries and losses. You will need to make a solid case based on evidence to recover damages from the party at fault and their insurance company.

Building a personal injury case involves collecting and preserving crucial evidence from the scene of the crash, but most times, that is not enough. You need third parties to review and discuss the facts of your case from a professional point of view. For example, if it’s established that the other driver was drunk, or aggressive, you may need an accident reconstruction expert to recreate the moments before the crash. This helps put the defendant at the center of the crash, and your injuries. Such professionals are referred to as expert witnesses. Their input in civil cases is invaluable, and our attorneys understand the critical role expert witnesses in Fresno car accident cases play.

Role of Expert Witnesses in Fresno Car Accident Cases

Expert witnesses in Fresno car accident cases have one major role, to provide professional, unbiased, and credible insights regarding your case, based on their area of expertise. Unlike eyewitnesses who provide useful information based on what they saw, expert witnesses dissect every bit of your case using their skills and experience in that area.

An expert witness can be drawn from any field as long as it’s related to your car accident case. Many law firms have them on a retainer, ready to act on any case brought forward. Such experts who are already familiar with how the court systems work are by far beneficial and reliable since they are accustomed to discussing complicated issues and concerns around their area of expertise. Our car accident attorneys have a long list of expert witnesses ready to help you prove your case and get the outcome you deserve.

Types of Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Lawsuits

Expert witnesses in Fresno car accident cases vary depending on the type of claim filed. Their role is to help the judge or jury presiding over your case understand how the accident happened, who is to blame, and of course, how the accident affects you financially, physically, and emotionally. On this basis, expert witnesses in Fresno car accident cases include:

Medical Experts

Talk of an injury case and you will find all the reasons to have a medical expert explain your injuries to the jury presiding over your case. It could be your doctor or another physician, whose job is to assess the injuries you suffered and provide a professional review about them. Not all personal injury cases require a medical expert, hence, it’s pertinent that you discuss this with your attorney before going to trial. 

Accident Reconstruction Experts 

As their name implies, these experts help consolidate the facts of your case and recreate the moments before and during the crash. Accident re-constructionists are vital in establishing liability in car accident cases where multiple parties are involved. They may also use simulations to show exactly how the accident happened.


Engineers may be categorized into different professionals depending on the matters at hand. For example, highway engineers may be used to discuss the conditions and safety of roads and highways, and whether they contributed to the accident. Other experts in this field may be automotive engineers or mechanics who look into the vehicle’s condition and whether faulty systems played a part in the auto wreck.


Saying you lost your wages for the time spent away from work, or the medical expenses you incurred is insufficient to get you maximum compensation. Financial experts such as economists help the jury understand the financial implications of your injuries not only in the present but also in the future. Using their experience, they will isolate future financial needs that may arise from your injuries or the accident.

Contact an Attorney Today if You Have Been Involved in a Car Accident in Fresno

Some individuals may not want to retain expert witnesses for Fresno car accident cases due to the costs associated with retaining them. While the fear is real, you shouldn’t worry about it. Our car accident attorneys will retain them without asking for upfront legal fees from you. Usually, we don’t hire expert witnesses unless we are certain their input will result in a higher settlement or compensation. Call us today to discuss your case and learn more about expert witnesses and their role in Fresno car accident cases.

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