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Imagine sitting comfortably in your car as you cruise on Texas roads when you suddenly hear a deafening crash, the car lurches forward, and out of nowhere, you experience unusual pain in your neck area. Because of the shock and adrenaline that follows, you may not realize that at that moment, your life may have taken a turn for the worst. This is often how rear-end collisions occur. As the name may suggest, these types of auto wrecks occur when one vehicle rams the back of another while traveling in the same direction.

Rear-end accidents are quite common on busy highways, especially during rush hour, but may also happen in less expected areas such as parking lots. Surprisingly, many of these crashes are preventable but for negligence. Understanding what Texas laws have in store for you in regard to monetary compensation is critical. While injuries and losses following an auto wreck are far too common, finding justice is not. For this reason, you must work with a professional Alief rear-end collision lawyer when filing a claim with insurance companies or going to court.

Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions

As mentioned, many traffic accidents trace back to negligence. This means that they can be prevented. Sadly, thousands of lives are lost every year, while tens of thousands of victims suffer life-changing injuries and property loss. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the majority of rear-end collisions in the area are attributed to:

Negligent Driving

Drivers are often the first line of defense when it comes to road safety. Their actions and behaviors while on the road determine how safe their passengers and other road users are. Unfortunately, driver negligence has over the years been a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. Negligent driving may be in the form of unsafe lane changes, speeding, aggressive driving, inexperienced driving, drunk driving, and distracted driving. A seasoned Alief rear-end collision attorney may help establish evidential proof showing how the other driver may have been careless in the moments leading to your crash.

Vehicle Defects

Although drivers are often at fault, they do not always bear liability. Sometimes, unsafe vehicle designs may contribute to a crash. For example, vehicles with stability and mechanical problems may be difficult to control, thus ramming other vehicles. Additionally, such defects may be swept under the rug due to poor maintenance. In such scenarios, working with expert witnesses may help establish how the accident occurred, and whether vehicle manufacturers and maintenance companies may have been negligent. Our attorneys have the best and most experienced experts ranging from highway engineers, automobile engineers, and accident reconstructionists.

Inclement Weather

It is not uncommon to witness multiple crashes on Texas roads in bad weather. Heavy rainfall, fog, mist, and ice are some of the most popular conditions that make it increasingly easier for rear-end collisions to occur. A driver’s visibility is usually reduced, thus making it practically impossible to see other vehicles and motorists even with headlights on. On top of that, the roads may become slippery due to loose surfaces or black ice, making it difficult to control a vehicle safely. That said, motorists are required to adapt to defensive driving practices in severe weather. If someone failed to do so, our team may review traffic footage and eyewitness accounts to establish negligence on their part.

Is the Rear Driver Always to Blame?

Many people believe that the driver behind is always to blame for rear-end collisions. While this is often the case, it does not apply in all scenarios. The other driver may also bear liability in an instance where they are also negligent or careless. For example, when the vehicle in front brakes too soon, and the rear driver has no time to react, they may bear fault.

However, it takes the experience and expertise of a skilled Alief attorney to substantiate facts that put the other party at the center of the rear-end crash. Besides drivers, vehicle manufacturing companies, maintenance companies, road construction companies, state agencies, and vehicle owners may also be blameworthy for rear-end accidents.

Let an Alief Rear-End Collision Attorney Help You

While you may have a valid claim, insurance companies may still refuse to pay up. Even when they do, you cannot trust that the offers they make are a true representation of your losses. Instead of taking chances with what could be your only hope of making a financial recovery, you should retain our knowledgeable Alief rear-end collision lawyers.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we operate on a contingency fee policy where attorney’s fees are only collected if we win your case. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation case review.

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