Alief Highway Accident Lawyer

Texas is known for sporting some of the best highway infrastructure in the U.S. Unfortunately, these paths have become breeding grounds for injuries and deaths stemming from vehicular crashes, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and motorcycle crashes. Because many of these cases are connected to negligence, it is no surprise that personal injury cases are on the rise.

Victims are at liberty to pursue justice on their own, but it can be an uphill battle. Without a seasoned attorney by your side, the odds of winning your case dwindle. Legal backup is necessary in any injury case. Get unmatched legal counsel and representation from an Alief highway accident lawyer today.

Tips on Hiring the Best Highway Accident Attorney

The strength of your case is only as good as the attorney you hire. At a time when everyone is promising results, knowing what to look for in a highway accident lawyer is critical. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we recommend anyone looking for an attorney considers the following:

  • Prior legal experience
  • Reviews and reputation
  • Trustworthiness and honesty
  • Size and resources of their firm
  • Qualifications and accreditations
  • Experience handling similar cases
  • Availability to handle and work on your case
  • Attorney’s payment arrangements and options

An attorney who is forthcoming in all the aforementioned areas is the right one for you. Our highway accident attorneys in Alief fit this description. For instance, our contingency fee arrangement means we do not collect any attorney’s fees unless a favorable verdict is reached.

How a Highway Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover

Accidents can happen any time, any place. When you are on the receiving end of an auto wreck, hiring an attorney may be the last thing on your mind. Many people still prefer trying to work things out alone before deciding to retain a legal team. Oftentimes, this decision is reached when they hit a dead end or encounter legal challenges they cannot overcome.

Contacting a highway accident attorney in Alief is among the first things to do after a crash, as they can assist in a variety of ways.

Deal with Insurance Companies

Many personal injury victims opt for out-of-court settlements by filing a claim with insurance companies. While this avenue is less stressful and faster compared to going to court, never engage insurance adjusters without legal backup. Otherwise, there is a risk of signing away legal rights by settling for less than a case is truly worth. An experienced legal advocate knows the true value of a claim and how to handle insurance companies.

Calculate Recoverable Costs

A proficient attorney will endeavor to establish the actual value of a claim in order to recover maximum compensation. Because different factors come into play when calculating the worth of a claim, it is vital to consult a skilled attorney. With their help, you get access to financial experts who can make an informed analysis of past, current, and future losses. Other parties such as doctors and witnesses may also be subpoenaed to provide documents supporting the damages.

Apply Relevant Laws

The average person does not have an in-depth understanding of how Texas personal injury laws work or affect a highway accident claim. The Statute of Limitations and shared fault laws have a direct impact on a case and ultimately determine its outcome. Our well-trained and qualified team is available interpret and apply the laws on your behalf.

Determine Liability

Enlisting the services of a seasoned highway accident attorney will solve the puzzle that is liability. While fault is straightforward in some unique cases, providing proof of the same may be trickier than most people think. A professional legal team helps clients prove the following:

  • A duty of care existed
  • The duty was breached
  • Damages were suffered
  • The breach was the proximate/direct cause of the injuries

Many factors determine the success of any personal injury lawsuit. A certified legal team will help prepare evidential proof supporting a theory of liability.

Begin Building Your Case With an Alief Highway Accident Attorney Today

The outcome of an accident claim depends on the type of evidence brought forward. Collecting sufficient and relevant evidence requires careful consideration of the facts available as well as thorough research. You may be disoriented by the confusion that follows a crash, so you may not know what or where to look. This is where a skillful Alief highway accident lawyer steps in to do the work on your behalf while you follow up with treatment. Call our firm today to learn more and get connected to the help you deserve.

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