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Homeowners and those responsible for the upkeep of swimming pool properties have a legal obligation to follow safety standards and prevent accidents. Injured people have the right to file lawsuits and pursue compensation after sustaining damages because owners failed to adhere to safety rules and regulations.

While anyone can drown or get hurt in a swimming pool, children are the most vulnerable. You could be eligible for a settlement if you or someone you love sustained injuries from a careless landowner. Speak to a Sugar Land pool accident lawyer for more information about filing a premises liability claim.

Swimming Pool Accident Injury Causes

Some of the most typical reasons swimming pool accident injuries happen include:

  • Lack of pool maintenance
  • Lack of supervision when children are swimming
  • Slipping and falling on slippery surfaces
  • Electrocution caused by defective swimming pool parts
  • Negligent lifeguard supervision
  • Diving injuries because of a lack of warning signs about the depth of the pool

A Sugar Land pool accident attorney could investigate to determine how the injuries happened and gather the evidence to prove fault.

Swimming Pool Safety Laws in Texas

Swimming pool accident injuries occurring because of the carelessness of the landowner fall within an area of law called premises liability. State laws require homeowners with pools to adhere to strict regulations, including having an enclosure that meets specific requirements.

Under the rules provided by the Texas Health and Safety Code § 757.003, a swimming pool fence or enclosure is at least four feet tall, with openings no more than four inches on the bottom. Other requirements for pool owners under the legislation include:

  • Fencing material made from something other than chain-link
  • Structures and equipment must be far enough away from the fence to ensure people cannot climb on it to gain access to the pool
  • The fence must have self-latching gates
  • When there is a building with doors and windows facing the pool, there must be an alarm system to alert the owner when someone enters the pool area
  • Pool owners or managers must remove ladders for above-ground pools when they are not in use

During a consultation, a pool accident lawyer in Sugar Land could answer specific questions about the process and applicable statutes.

The Legal Components of Negligence

Premises liability cases must prove the existence of certain elements to establish liability and collect damages. The first is the duty of care, meaning the person responsible for the property was obligated to protect the injured person from sustaining harm while visiting the property and pool. The second is a breach of duty, meaning they failed to uphold their requirement to keep the visitors safe.

The third and fourth components needed to win a settlement are causation and damages. The case must prove there was a direct link between the property owner’s breach of duty and the injuries the person sustained. Finally, there must be evidence that the injured person experienced verifiable damages and losses due to the landowner’s negligence.

Call a Seasoned Pool Accident Attorney in Sugar Land Today

When swimming pool accident injuries happen because of property owner negligence, personal injury laws allow you to hold the liable party financially responsible. While you have legal rights, the civil court process is complex and proving fault requires a well-planned case to establish each element of negligence.

Schedule a consultation with an experienced Sugar Land pool accident lawyer for more information and help with your case. Call today.

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