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motorcyclist driving away Motorcycling has become one of the most convenient modes of transportation across the globe. From running personal errands to commercial business activities, the use of motorcycles has sparked major revolutions in the way people carry out their daily activities. This has in turn resulted in the creation of employment opportunities for many people, especially young people.

Sadly, this invention has led to many unprecedented deaths arising from motorcycle accidents, especially due to the lack of safety gear worn by riders. For those lucky enough to survive, many are left behind with permanent body injuries that that require quality medical attention. However, not all motorcycle accident victims have the ability to offset the huge medical bills associated with their injuries. As a result, many residents look to our Mission Bend motorcycle accident lawyers to help them seek monetary compensation for the injuries they sustained.

If you have been a victim of motorcycle accident, whether as a passenger or rider, it is advisable to seek legal assistance in evaluating the possibility for compensation. In most cases, motorcycle collision victims avoid seeking justice, as they believe they do not have the financial ability to file a lawsuit. As a result, the parties responsible for the accident are not held responsible for the damages they caused. This should never be the case. Our personal injury attorneys strongly believe in the application of justice regardless of your financial capacity. We will work tirelessly with you to hold negligent drivers responsible.

Filing a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Mission Bend

The majority of the motorcycle accidents that take place in the streets and highways of Mission Bend go unreported to the police. While some victims resort to forgiving and forgetting despite receiving injuries, the parties responsible can and should be brought to justice to protect the lives of other Mission Bend residents. If negligent drivers are not held responsible for their actions, they will not change their behavior, putting other residents at risk. It is in your best interests to engage with our Mission Bend motorcycle accident attorneys to evaluate your claim.

Should we find that someone’s negligence or carelessness resulted in your sustained injuries, we will begin the motorcycle wreck claims process. Our dedicated lawyers will work hand in hand with you in preparing critical evidence for presentation to the insurance company. Our attorneys will collect all medical evidence, reach out to any witnesses, and visit the scene of the accident if necessary.

Additionally, our attorneys will be able to gain access to detailed evidence such as police reports. Such close collaborations with all investigative authorities will help our team narrow down the specific parties that will be directly held responsible for your injuries. As a matter of fact, our professionalism in working closely with all parties help in proving fault not necessarily to the driver of the vehicle, but also possibly the owner of the vehicle, the motorcycle manufacturer, and road construction authorities.

Role of Fault in Motorbike Collision Cases

The majority of motorcycle accident victims normally shy away from filing a lawsuit for fear of losing the claim or because they feel that they could have done more to prevent their injuries. However, it should be noted that motorcycle crash victims can receive compensation even when they could have done more to prevent their injuries. For example, if a biker fails to wear the necessary safety gears, such as a helmet, and ends up injured by another driver, they can still be compensated for the damages incurred. These aspects will be discussed in detail during the consultation process with our Mission Bend lawyers.

How Long Does it Take to Settle a Mission Bend Motorcycle Crash Claim?

The length it takes to complete a motorcycle accident lawsuit in Mission Bend solely depends on how long the parties in question collect, evaluate, and discuss the evidence. Some evidence required to prove fault in such a case may require investigations or experts who may need time to write their evaluations. For instance, an accident that occurs in a shopping center in Mission Bend would require the reviewing of any available CCTV cameras or witnesses. To gain access to such critical information, your lawyer will need to send preservation notices to those in possession of evidence.

What’s more, you must prove that you suffered damages as a result of the motorcycle collision. In this case, you must show proof by availing medical reports, bills, and any other supporting documents. Some may take a longer time to acquire, therefore increasing the amount of time it takes to settle your claim. However, you can easily settle your claim on time by hiring a dedicated, experienced, and professional legal team that will burn the midnight oil to have you compensated. Our attorneys provide the highest quality in customer service and dedication to each Mission Bend motorcycle collision case.

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Our commitment as a legal services provider is to see to see you receive the justice you deserve. In the past, victims of motorcycle accidents have been sidelined in the delivery of justice due to their inability to pay for civil litigation. To mitigate this, our Mission Bend motorcycle accident lawyers will offer legal help on a contingency basis, meaning that we cannot collect a fee unless you also receive compensation for your claim. Call our office today to discuss your options in a free consultation.

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