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School buses are among the most regulated vehicles in the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Parents and guardians rely on them for the safe transportation of schoolchildren. Apart from the normal traffic rules regarding road transport, there are special regulations around the operation of school buses. They are also designed with special features that make them visible while on the road, such as flashing lights and bright yellow coloring to distinguish them from other vehicles.

Unfortunately, no safety feature can completely make school buses secure. They are still prone to accidents just like other vehicles. The difference, however, is that auto wrecks involving school buses can be tragic given the high number of students usually on board. Although passengers are at a higher risk, non-occupants such as pedestrians, bikers, and cyclists may also be involved. When you are injured as a non-occupant, or your child sustains harm in a school bus accident, you should be aware of your rights. The first step is consulting a seasoned Houston school bus accident lawyer about your eligibility for compensation and what Texas personal injury laws have in store for you. Reach out now to get connected to an experienced bus accident attorney.

Aren’t School Buses Supposed to Be Safe?

School buses are supposed to be safe for occupants and non-occupants alike. They are more secure compared to other private means of transportation, but school buses are no different from other vehicles when it comes to how auto wrecks occur. When someone fails to maintain their duty of care, accidents are bound to happen. Our Houston school bus accident attorneys have represented children and adults whose injuries stemmed from:

While the cause of the crash can be straightforward in some cases, many scenarios require further investigations to identify how an accident occurred. Delegating this important duty to a knowledgeable attorney ensures no stone is left unturned. With the dedicated help of experts such as accident reconstructionists and highway engineers, the root cause of the crash can be professionally identified, thus giving a case the weight it truly deserves.

Who is to Blame for School Bus Accidents?

Depending on the nature of a school bus accident and the underlying cause, an attorney could identify one or more parties to hold responsible. The experience and resources of the chosen attorney matter, so it is important to work with a school bus accident lawyer in Houston with the right networks to help establish all the parties that may have been to blame. They may include:

Bus Driver

School bus drivers have a unique responsibility to ensure the safety of students on board as well as non-occupants on the road. As such, they must not engage in any behavior that threatens to impede their safety. While many drivers are responsible, others are not. It is no surprise that the majority of traffic accidents in the U.S. are blamed on negligent driver behaviors like speeding, distracted driving, drunk driving, and inexperienced driver training.

School Administration

School administrations are responsible for the safe operation of their fleet regardless of whether they are out there for school-related activities or not. They must ensure regular servicing as required under law and also guarantee that the school bus drivers they hire are well-trained. Unfortunately, school administrations have found themselves at the receiving end of the law when they engage in negligent hiring practices, and improper vehicle maintenance can cause accidents in which people get injured or killed.

Bus Manufacturer

Sometimes the cause of auto wrecks—including those involving school buses—goes beyond drivers and bus owners. Some involve vehicle defects and poor designs that are traced back to manufacturers. For instance, if brake system failure or tire burst due to a manufacturing error results in a crash, injured individuals can sue the manufacturer and distributor. Doing so will require huge legal muscle that only a qualified attorney can provide. In any case, such auto companies already have a legal team ready to shoot down any claims brought forward.

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