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cars on highway Conroe is home to tens of thousands of people, a population that continues to grow every day. The congestion on our roads and highways is evidence that the city is growing, sparking major economic gains not only for Conroe but for Texas as a whole. Unfortunately, this growth hasn’t been without its difficulties.

In what has become the norm, innocent people are injured or killed every day due to traffic crashes on local highways. State and federal agencies such as the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration have enacted several pieces of legislation aimed at curbing highway accidents. But even with clear traffic rules and regulations, rogue drivers continue to wreak havoc by putting the lives of innocent motorists and pedestrians at risk.

Our Conroe highway accident lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys believe that residents must be protected from the negligent misconduct of these drivers through the state personal injury laws. Drivers’ duty of care must always be maintained at all costs, and there should be no excuse for reckless driving. To secure maximum compensation that injured victims rightfully deserve, we use professionals for your highway case, which may include accident reconstruction experts or medical experts. Get in touch with our dedicated car accident lawyers today.

Conroe Highway Accidents are Dangerous

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at least 3 in every 10 traffic crashes happen on the highway. While these statistics may seem insignificant, highway motor vehicle accidents are among the most catastrophic crashes in the United States. They regularly result in fatalities as well as serious disabling injuries that may take years to heal.

While we celebrate the freedom that comes with having state-of-the-art roads and highways, it’s equally important to understand that they can still be your undoing. Therefore, all motorists must adhere to highway traffic rules and regulations to avert any possible mishaps that would harm others. Before getting behind the wheel, or cycling on a highway, you must be aware of the risks that you face. And in case you are involved in a highway accident, contacting our Conroe lawyer should be among your top priorities.

Who is Responsible for a Collision on the Freeway?

Normally, the liability falls on the drivers, as they have a largest duty of care when using the local highways. They must operate their vehicles within the set standards of the Texas traffic safety rules. Negligent behaviors such as speeding, driving under influence, distracted driving, tailgating, road rage and unsafe lane changes are all potential examples of negligence. Generally, these reckless actions call for civil liability, but when someone is killed, Montgomery County may take a criminal action against the party at fault.

That said, drivers are sometimes not to blame for these crashes. Other parties such as road construction companies, pedestrians, motorcyclists and third parties may be at fault. For example, when there are unclear markings on the highway, and a driver enters the wrong lane, he or she may not be to blame if an accident occurs. In this case, road construction and maintenance companies may bear liability.

Establishing liability is often a complex process, more so when you have to juggle between working on your case and seeking treatment for harm suffered. However, retaining a qualified and experienced freeway collision attorney solves this problem. Some of the parties likely to be held at fault for a highway accident in Conroe include:

  • Road construction companies for poor designs
  • Other motorists
  • Local state agencies for poor maintenance of roads
  • Car owner for negligent entrustment of the vehicle
  • Car manufacturing and maintenance companies for vehicle defects
  • Other road users

Damages Available in a Highway Accident Case

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Personal injury laws in Texas allow victims to recover compensation for damages suffered as long as they can be proven. So before you file a claim seeking a settlement for tangible and intangible losses, ensure that you prepare the necessary paperwork and documents to support your claims.

Economic damages cover tangible losses to which a monetary value can easily be attached. They may take the following into account:

  • Lost wages
  • Past and future medical costs
  • Therapy and rehabilitation costs
  • Property repair costs
  • Loss of future earning ability

On the other hand, non-economic damages allow the plaintiff to recover intangible losses such as:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of quality life
  • Emotional trauma
  • Permanent Post Traumatic Disorders

A good injury attorney knows how to help injured victims secure compensation for non-economic and depending on the case, punitive damages. These two are more difficult to prove, and it requires the expertise of seasoned and aggressive highway accident attorneys to get from a Montgomery County jury.

Injured in a Highway Accident? Our Conroe Highway Accident Attorneys Can Help

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Proving that someone else was responsible for the highway accident where you were injured is not a walk in the park. You will need an experienced lawyer to walk with you through the personal injury laws and help you fight for the compensation you are entitled to. The legal team you retain is your gateway to financial recovery, and you should hire the best. Our Conroe highway accident lawyers are available for one-on-one consultation sessions when you call our Lone Star Injury Attorneys to schedule a free consultation. Call our office today.

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