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red car on road Each year, over 1.5 million people lose their lives in car accidents across the world, averaging 4,010 deaths daily. Even with measures in place to help flatten this curve, auto wrecks continue to rob families of their loved ones, as well as lowering the quality of life for other injured victims. Unfortunately, you can’t always be 100% safe from accidents, since many are clearly beyond your control. However, on the other side, you can control what to do after an accident to protect your legal rights and safeguard the interests of those who depend on you.

After being injured in a crash, you need to take action, and the best way to do it is to retain a lawyer. Legal advice from a qualified personal injury attorney goes a long way in helping victims reduce stress and concentrate on their recovery without worry. A good attorney with not only help you with your injury claim, but he/she will also help you understand the process and what must be done for you to have the best outcome. With the help of a seasoned Stafford car accident lawyer, you can obtain the compensation you deserve.

Are There Any Benefits to Hiring a Lawyer Instead of Filing a Stafford Car Accident Lawsuit By Myself?

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The law provides two options for car accident victims to pursue their claims. First, the victim can explore the legal course through self-representation by filing a lawsuit themselves. Secondly, the victim can retain the legal services of an attorney. This lawyer will represent the injured client and act on their behalf.  At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, the lawyer does not charge by the hour, but collects their attorney’s fees as a percentage of the total settlement at the end of the case.  The client never receives a bill or invoice for hourly legal work.

Without a doubt, hiring an attorney produces much better results than pursuing claims by representing yourself. Remember, the primary objective of your auto wreck attorney is to recover the maximum damages for you. Therefore, he or she will expend resources within their reach (investigative work, expert reports, etc.) to help explain your car accident and obtain maximum compensation. Your lawyer will talk to witnesses, evaluate the accident scene, as well as deposing the defendant under oath. Other benefits of hiring a skilled attorney for your car accident case will include:

You Will Understand Your Legal Rights

Most car accident victims are not fluent with personal injury lawsuits and the applicable laws. So, in case of a collision, it’s understandable if you don’t know what to do next. Your lawyer will walk with you every step of the way to enable you to understand your rights as well as the legal options available to you after an auto wreck.

You Will Get Professional Legal Advice

It’s very common for car crash victims to scroll through multiple websites and articles looking for advice and answers relating to their accident. Unfortunately, not every article on the web is true or applies to their specific case. As a result, you may end up making uninformed decisions that would jeopardize your case. Before listening to anyone else, talk to an expert with a free consultation. A car accident attorney will offer you professional advice on your next course of action.

An Attorney Could Negotiate a Fair Settlement for You

The insurance company may attempt to negotiate with you immediately for your car accident. During these negotiations, the insurance company may engage in different tactics, which rob you of the true value of your injury. They often give an initial offer to persuade you to sign off your legal rights, without making it clear that by accepting the money, you will have no legal recourse in the future. But with a lawyer, the insurance company will address your claims with the seriousness it deserves. You cannot be exploited when your attorney understands the true nature and consequences of your injuries.

A Legal Advocate Could Represent you in Court

Not all claims are settled during pre-suit negotiations, and your lawyer may find it prudent to file your auto wreck case in court. You may not be aware of each step of formal litigation and the deadlines for filing particular documents. Thankfully, your attorney will be by your side every step of the way until your case is resolved.

All Your Damages Will be Taken into Account

Given the confusion that sets in when preparing to seek non-economic damages in a personal injury claim such as pain and suffering, it’s understandable for you to have difficulty in calculating the value of your losses. With a legal professional, you are able to construct a model to put the appropriate dollar amount to those subjective factors.

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