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Each year, more than 1.5 million people lose their lives in car accidents worldwide, resulting in an average of 4,010 daily deaths according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite efforts to reduce these numbers, auto wrecks continue to devastate families by claiming lives and causing severe injuries. Unfortunately, accidents are often beyond our control, and complete safety is not guaranteed. However, what you can control is your response after an accident to protect your legal rights and the interests of those who rely on you.

Following a crash and sustaining injuries, it is crucial to take action, and the most effective course of action is to hire a lawyer. Seeking legal advice from a qualified personal injury attorney greatly helps victims alleviate stress and focus on their recovery without unnecessary concerns. A skilled attorney will not only assist you with your injury claim but also provide guidance on the process and necessary steps for achieving the best possible outcome. By enlisting the support of an experienced Stafford car accident lawyer, you can pursue the rightful compensation you deserve.

Are There Any Benefits to Hiring a Lawyer Instead of Filing a Stafford Car Accident Lawsuit By Myself?

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The law provides two options for car accident victims to pursue their claims. Firstly, the victim can choose to pursue a legal course through self-representation by filing a lawsuit on their own. Secondly, the victim can opt to retain the services of a lawyer who will act as their representative. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, our lawyers do not charge by the hour but instead collect their fees as a percentage of the total settlement at the conclusion of the case. As a result, clients never receive bills or invoices for hourly legal work.

Without a doubt, hiring an attorney yields far better results than pursuing claims on your own. It’s essential to remember that the primary objective of your car accident attorney is to secure the maximum damages on your behalf. They will utilize available resources, such as investigative work and expert reports, to help explain your car accident and seek the highest possible compensation. Your attorney will interview witnesses, assess the accident scene, and conduct depositions of the defendant under oath. Additional benefits of engaging a skilled attorney for your car accident case include:

You Will Understand Your Legal Rights

Many car accident victims are not well-versed in personal injury lawsuits and the relevant laws. Therefore, it’s understandable if you’re unsure about what to do next after a collision. Your lawyer will guide you every step of the way, helping you understand your rights and the available legal options following an auto wreck.

You Will Receive Professional Legal Advice

It’s common for car crash victims to search various websites and articles seeking advice and answers related to their accident. However, not all online information is accurate or applicable to their specific case. As a result, you might make uninformed decisions that could jeopardize your case. Before listening to anyone else, consult with an expert during a free consultation. A car accident attorney will provide professional advice on your best course of action.

An Attorney Could Negotiate a Fair Settlement for You

The insurance company may attempt immediate negotiations with you after your car accident. During these negotiations, the insurance company may employ tactics that undervalue your injuries, aiming to convince you to relinquish your legal rights without clarifying that accepting the offer would eliminate future legal recourse. However, with an attorney, the insurance company will treat your claims with the seriousness they deserve. Your attorney’s understanding of the true nature and consequences of your injuries ensures you won’t be exploited.

A Legal Advocate Could Represent You in Court

Not all claims are resolved through pre-suit negotiations, and your lawyer may determine it necessary to file your auto wreck case in court. You may be unfamiliar with the formal litigation process and the deadlines for filing specific documents. Thankfully, your attorney will be by your side throughout, ensuring you understand each step until your case is resolved.

All Your Damages Will Be Considered

When it comes to seeking non-economic damages in a personal injury claim, such as pain and suffering, it can be challenging to calculate the value of your losses. This confusion is understandable. With a legal professional, you can establish a framework to assign an appropriate dollar amount to these subjective factors.

Talk to a Stafford Car Accident Attorney Today

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To gain a deeper understanding of the significance of working with a Stafford car accident lawyer for your case, it is highly recommended that you schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys promptly. During this consultation, you can have your questions addressed while discussing the details of your accident. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we provide free consultations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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