Fresno Tanker Truck Accident Lawyer

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), at least 25% of all freight in the United States is transported by road using commercial tanker trucks. These vehicles comprise a cab that pulls a large cylindrical container or tank at the back. Because of their size, weight, and sometimes the dangerous cargo they carry, tanker trucks require special handling and operation. They present a unique and often catastrophic safety hazard for drivers, other motorists, and the general public.

While some accidents are not preventable, most of them stem from negligent behaviors from drivers and other individuals. In these scenarios, the parties at fault set themselves up for legal action, especially when someone is severely injured or killed. If you have been a victim of negligence in a similar accident, the Fresno tanker truck accident lawyers at our firm are happy to help you get the justice you deserve. Take the first step and give us a call today to discuss your case in its entirety with a qualified accident attorney.

Why Tanker Truck Accidents Occur

The FMCSA heavily regulates the trucking industry to ensure the safety of drivers, motorists, and other road users. Unlike other vehicles, they are more prone to fatal crashes owing to their large size and weight. On top of that, most of them ferry dangerous materials, including gasoline and LPG. Since they are highly flammable, a crash may spark an explosion, increasing the risks associated with these vehicles. Other tanker trucks carry non-hazardous goods such as milk, water, and waste materials.

Truck Drivers

Even with the heavy regulation, tanker truck accidents still occur. Sadly, most of these crashes are caused by human error. Failure to follow traffic safety guidelines and rules by players in the trucking industry contributes to most of these collisions. Truck drivers are often to blame for drunk driving, speeding, unsafe lane changes, aggressive driving, and distracted driving. They cover hundreds of miles daily, and to stay focused, some engage in dangerous practices that make them prone to causing devastating crashes.

Truck Owners & Trucking Companies

Trucking companies and truck owners may also be to blame for a wreck if improper truck maintenance contributes to an accident. Many create an unconducive working environment for drivers by coming up with tight schedules and not giving them ample time to rest between trips. As a result, driver fatigue lowers their concentration and reaction time while on the road. These parties are equally responsible for carrying out proper vehicle maintenance, but to cut operational costs, some trucking companies and owners deliberately fail to do so. A Fresno tanker truck accident attorney could help hold these parties responsible.

State Agencies & Construction Companies

Construction companies and local state agencies are responsible for ensuring that Fresno roads and highways are safe. From proper designs to maintenance, these roads must always be accessible and safe. Unfortunately, poorly constructed roads often contribute to tanker truck accidents, especially with poor road markings.

Why You Need Legal Assistance

After an accident, you have the right to demand compensation for your injuries and losses if someone else is at fault. Unlike other lawsuits, cases involving tanker truck accidents are complex to navigate. Using their decades of legal practices and resources, our tanker truck accident attorneys will work round the clock to ensure justice is served. They will:

  • Review the facts of your accident to establish liability
  • Negotiate with insurance companies
  • Collect, preserve and present crucial evidence related to your case
  • Argue your case in court if need be
  • Calculate the value of your claim
  • Retain expert witnesses to provide professional insights about the accident

As mentioned earlier, the trucking sector is highly governed by federal and state laws. Without prior experience handling similar cases, you are not best suited to handle your case.

Get the Peace of Mind You Need with a Fresno Tanker Truck Accident Attorney

As you may know, these wrecks leave victims shaken and stressed, and in this state, pursuing compensation or seeking treatment may be an uphill task. Our compassionate Fresno tanker truck accident lawyers will focus on your case, meeting every need that arises in the process. By carrying your burden, you get the peace of mind to get your life back on track. To speak with our attorneys about your case, please get in touch with us right away.

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