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Motorcycling is a thrilling experience that often leaves riders exhilarated. Motorcycles are relatively cheap to purchase and maintain compared to cars. They can also maneuver through areas impassable by a normal car. On top of that, they significantly reduce commuting time, especially during rush hour.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of prejudice against motorcycle users. Some motorists act in complete disregard for motorcyclists, causing them untold harm and stress on the road. While you could be a cautious and defensive driver, you have no control over another motorist’s actions or behavior. If you have been a victim of inconsiderate behavior that has caused you physical harm, you could file a legal claim with an experienced personal injury attorney. A Cypress motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm can discuss your case and determine the best legal approach for maximum settlement.

Do I Have a Claim?

When filing a lawsuit for your losses, you may wonder whether you have what it takes to make a successful case. Establishing whether you have legal grounds to file a motorcycle accident claim in Cypress is a complex process. It requires an in-depth review from a qualified personal injury attorney. Our Cypress lawyers look for three major factors when handling a motorcycle crash case for the first time. They are:


Liability in a personal injury case is everything. It’s based on the concept that someone else’s actions or negligence caused the accident where you suffered harm. In a motorcycle accident case, the defendant must have breached their duty of care towards you. For example, if a motorist ran a red light, cut you off, or followed too closely, they may be deemed at fault for the accident. Establishing liability may seem easy to do, but a lot more goes into it than just pointing an accusing finger.


Perhaps the most crucial element to prove in a motorcycle accident claim is causation. You need to prove that you would not have suffered harm but for the other party’s negligent behavior. For example, had the driver not run a red light, would you have been injured? This question established whether the defendant’s actions or misconduct was the probable cause of your injuries, even if the accident aggravated a pre-existing injury. A resourceful attorney can help review your case and piece together information regarding causation.


The only way to get compensation in the Texas justice system for someone else’s misconduct is if you can prove up your damages. Often, victims pursue compensation for economic damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and loss of future earnings. Most of them don’t know that they can also sue for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and emotional trauma. Although it may be difficult to quantify these losses in monetary terms, an experienced lawyer can help put a dollar figure on these intangible losses.

Benefits of Retaining a Lawyer

Motorcycle accident victims who retain an attorney often end up recovering more compensation than those who self-litigate. An excellent attorney understands the intricacies that come into play when determining the worth of your claim. Armed with the correct figures, they can negotiate a fair deal with insurance companies or proceed to trial.

Because you need to focus on treatment and recovery, you should retain a dedicated lawyer in Cypress to keep your motorbike collision case going. The process can be challenging to handle on your own, especially when you have to manage following up with your medical treatment. While you focus on your injuries, you need a trusted attorney with skills and experience to manage the legal process effectively on your behalf.

Our attorneys are seasoned in investigating claims where liability is contested. We understand how comparative negligence laws work and how they affect your ability to recover compensation. With the help of accident reconstructionists and financial experts, we piece together every aspect of your case to establish financial responsibility on the defendant. If their insurance policies are not enough to cover your losses, we take up the matter with your insurance company or compel the defendant to compensate you out-of-pocket.

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Motorcycle accidents can cause severe physical and psychological harm to victims, leaving them at a crossroads in life, not knowing who to turn to. If you were injured, our licensed Cypress motorcycle accident lawyers are here to offer you a shoulder to lean on. We not only fight for your constitutional rights but also walk with you through the recovery process. Schedule a free case evaluation with us today.

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