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Every year, commercial trucks make millions of trips on American roads carrying goods to different destinations. While this is great for our economy, it also comes with certain risks to others on the road. Sadly, thousands of lives are lost every year due to accidents involving trucks. Millions of others are left to grapple with serious injuries that ultimately lower their quality of life. Regardless of the existing government rules and regulations governing the trucking industry, truck accidents will continue to be part of life, both in Katy and throughout the United States.

When an innocent pedestrian, motorcyclist, or other road user is injured in a tractor-trailer wreck caused by the negligence of another party, the law ensures that the injured parties get the justice they deserve. If you or your loved one was injured in a truck accident, you’re legally entitled to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions and the damages they caused. To discuss whether your case meets the minimum threshold for compensation, please get in touch with our Katy truck accident lawyers today. Our dedicated injury attorneys can answer all your questions about your potential case.

Working with a Katy Truck Accident Lawyer

The complexity of truck accident cases makes it difficult for plaintiffs to recover favorable settlements on their own. Given the confusion that follows an accident, the defendant has the upper hand in everything ranging from investigations and witnesses’ testimonials to accessing important legal documents such as trucking logs. But when you retain a lawyer, your legal rights are protected as your attorneys will seek all available information to explain how this truck accident could have happened.

By working with an attorney from our firm, you’re guaranteed a fast, smooth, and client-oriented legal process. Recovering damages in any personal injury claim not only requires a professional legal approach, but also a unique attorney-plaintiff-jury relationship. When your lawyer connects with you, it becomes very easy for him to understand your needs, especially when he’s familiar with the injuries or harm suffered. Better still, he will listen to you, advise you, and most importantly, walk with you every step of the legal process.

Role of an Attorney in a Tractor-Trailer Collision Case

When deciding whether to hire a truck accident lawyer, it’s important for you to actually understand what an attorney does. Though you may not think you need legal counsel, the complexity of truck accident cases makes it highly advisable that you retain an experienced and well-resourced attorney. Some of the major roles of a truck wreck attorney include gathering evidence, proving liability, calculating damages, and negotiating with the defendant.

Gathering Evidence

You cannot recover damages in any civil lawsuit without providing proof of causation (that the accident caused your injuries) as well as evidence of the extent of your injuries. Gathering evidence makes it easier for your local attorney to prove causation and damages. Through the litigation system, an attorney has access to more information than an average person. Evidence that your lawyer may recover include:

  • Cell phone records
  • Police reports
  • Medical reports
  • Trucking Logs
  • Company Hiring Information
  • Driver records
  • Surveillance footages
  • Witness testimonials
  • Legal records

Proving Liability

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that proving fault or liability is the backbone of any injury case. Liability will determine the party or person who’ll be sued for damages. For this reason, establishing fault in a truck accident case is a very contentious issue. Even if fault may seem to be straightforward in your case, several variables must be taken into consideration.

There are cases where liability is straightforward, but the other party still disputes their role in the accident. This is a very common trait for insurance companies acting in bad faith. With an 18-wheeler collision lawyer, you’re assured that your case will be treated with the professionalism it deserves when proving liability.

Calculating Damages

There’s no straightforward method of calculating the value of your damages. Your lawyer will take many things into account before arriving at a concrete value for you truck accident injuries. An experienced attorney understands how insurance companies work, more so when it comes to valuing your damages. With this knowledge, your attorney will prepare an independent valuation of your claims by considering losses such as:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost financial benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical Impairment
  • Mental Anguish
  • Rehabilitation costs

Every economic damage suffered must be included in the valuation of your claims.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company or Defendant

The defendant’s insurance company or legal team will never offer a settlement to you on a silver platter. Even though it may seem like they want to compensate you when giving their initial offer, such cases do not settle until they make a second, third, or fourth offer at least. But for this to go that far, you need an attorney who is skilled in negotiating a fair settlement.

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