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girl on bikeCycling is among the most common, cheapest, and easiest to use modes of transport. For some, it’s a form of recreation or competition. However, bicycle riders experience their own safety problems, as many drivers do not look out for cyclists riding on highways and busy streets. Some motorists believe that cyclists do not deserve a lane on the roads, or even the right of way. In the end, these drivers may pose a danger to cyclists or other road users.

According to US statistics, over 20% of all Americans own and ride a bike regularly.  These cyclists face the same risks when they are on the road. Many bicycle accidents are caused by the rider’s mistakes and errors in judgments, causing minor injuries like bruises and scratches. But when they collide with automobiles or are sent flying across the road due to the negligence, actions or inactions of a driver, the injuries can be severe and life-threatening. In such a case, the injured party has the right to file a lawsuit for compensation for their injuries.

Cycling accident claims are often filed by experienced personal injury attorneys on behalf of the injured party when they allege fault on another person. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, our team of League City bicycle accident lawyers understands that a bicycle crash can have severe injuries, just as any other vehicle accident. We’re ready to help you overcome the financial hurdles that follow these accidents by filing a claim for compensation on your behalf.

Major Causes of Bicycle Accidents in League City

A cyclist often does not just fall off their bicycle for no reason. There is usually a condition that contributed to the accident such as slippery surfaces or driver negligence. Establishing the cause of your bicycle accident is important since it lays the foundation for liability in a personal injury case. Without knowing the cause of the bike crash, your lawyer cannot establish fault effectively.  To help you understand how these accidents happen, we have compiled the following three major causes of bicycle crashes in League City.

Bicycle Defects

A defective component in the bicycle such as a malfunctioning brake system can result in a serious accident. The manufacturer is expected to guarantee a safe end-product after the general bicycle assembly process. Thousands of bicycles are recalled to their manufacturers every year due to defects in the:

  • Suspension forks
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Frames
  • Steering

If a bicycle defect resulted in the accident where you were injured, a diligent attorney can help you file a product liability claim against the manufacturer, distributor and/or retailer.

Motorists & Pedestrians

Motorists have a duty of care towards other road users including bicycle users. They must always look out for them at intersections, give them the right of way and maintain a safe distance between them. But sadly, not all drivers act responsibly when they spot cyclists. What’s even sadder, distracted driving and road rage are blamed on the rising cases of vehicle-bicycle accidents.

Again, pedestrians can be held responsible for the injuries suffered by a cyclist if their actions or inactions contributed to the accident. For example, it’s very common for pedestrians to cross the road carelessly without looking around. If it’s established that a cyclist suffered harm while trying to avoid knocking down a pedestrian, a personal injury case may be filed against the pedestrian for their negligence.

Poor Weather & Road Conditions

When a cycling injury is caused by poor weather conditions, there’s often not much you can do about it. However, there are some cases where a property owner fails to reasonably consider the weather conditions and its effects on the public. For example, if a property owner failed to clear stagnant water or ice on his or her premises, resulting in your accident, you may file a premises liability claim.

Poor roads and infrastructure can also result in an accident. Potholes and poorly designed cycling lanes are a recipe for disaster. If applicable, an experienced lawyer in League City can help you sue construction companies and local state agencies if they are believed to be responsible for the bicycle crash.

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