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A car accident can affect every aspect of your life, from your career to your social life. You may be unable to work temporarily or permanently depending on your injuries. Severe injuries may also leave you permanently disabled, preventing you from enjoying your hobbies or spending time with your family and friends. Truthfully, this can be a traumatizing experience. Many cases require therapy to help injured victims cope with their new selves. When added to the already large financial losses, you may realize that being involved in an accident goes beyond physical harm.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we are dedicated to helping you access quality medical care and secure your future. We do this by fighting for maximum compensation in court or through negotiations with insurance companies. But since not all personal injury claims qualify for compensation, it’s important that you speak with a Channelview car accident lawyer first before deciding to file a lawsuit.

What’s the Job of an Accident Attorney?

A car accident lawyer’s main task is to help injured victims get back on their feet by fighting for maximum compensation. But to successfully do this, they must undertake specific tasks. All these are geared towards proving your case and compelling the judge, jury, or insurance companies to compensate you. Some of the major roles of a car crash lawyer include:

Collecting & Preparing Evidence

The success or failure of any personal injury case is dependent on how well the plaintiff argues their case and the quality of evidence provided. This means that the collection and presentation of evidence must be handled most professionally. Sadly, you can’t do this if bedridden in a hospital or at home. Your Channelview lawyer will visit the scene of the crash, recover police reports and retain expert witnesses to investigate your case.

Determining Liability

Even if it’s clear you have suffered harm, you can’t seek compensation without knowing who to sue. This means you must get to the bottom of your accident and the parties involved. But since liability is a contested area in personal injury law, you should let an attorney do the dirty work to prove liability through accident reconstruction experts and the deposition of the investigating officer.

Retaining Experts

At one point in your case, you will need more than papers to prove your claim. Unfortunately, you may not have access to strong expert testimonials on your own. You may not know who the best experts are, or you may not have enough finances to bring them on board. On top of that, you don’t know what to look out for, or where to find them. But with our experience, the car accident lawyers at our firm have a rich history working with accident reconstructionists as well as medical and financial experts to prove your damages.

Negotiating a Settlement

Before going to court, you may have to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies first. An insurance adjuster will most certainly offer an initial settlement offer. This marks the beginning of negotiations. Without an aggressive attorney who knows your worth, you may settle for less. And if you choose to do it alone, you may be duped into accepting lowball offers too. So in your best interests, retaining a skilled attorney should be among your priorities.

Proceeding to Trial

Although many personal injury cases settle through negotiations with insurance companies, there are some which proceed to trial. If both parties don’t reach a mutual understanding, or you are not satisfied with the settlement offered, going to court is an open option. But unlike negotiating with the insurance company informally, a court process may take longer to settle. So if you are looking into recovering compensation within the shortest time possible, negotiating with insurance companies may be your best choice.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Auto Wreck Lawyer?

Retaining an attorney is not an easy affair for many, especially with the high costs associated with hiring one. But with our Channelview Car Accident lawyers, you don’t need any upfront fees to retain their services.  That’s not all, our case evaluation sessions are absolutely free without any hidden charges. We only get paid if you get paid. From there, we retain an agreed percentage of the total amount received in settlement.

Retaining a Channelview Car Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a car accident recently, it’s advisable to let the professionals handle the complex process that is personal injury law. Our Channelview car accident lawyers are here to get you what you can’t get on your own. To talk to us, please fill our online contact form or call our offices today for a free consultation. We are ready to listen.

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Max was the consummate professional

Max was the consummate professional
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Max was the consummate professional. I had a previous car accident where I also had to hire an attorney to seek damages. The experience was absolutely night & day and I'm forever grateful for his counsel.

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