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Every day, thousands of buses traverse myriad routes across the United States. According to the Department of Transportation, there are nearly 183 bus accidents reported every day in the U.S. Be they tour buses, school buses, intercity buses, or long-distance buses, these vehicles significantly simplify the mass transportation of people. However, while en route, some inevitably become involved in tragic accidents, inflicting grief and immense suffering on their victims. Regrettably, these incidents often involve multiple people, such as passengers, other road users, and potentially pedestrians, amplifying the likelihood of further losses and damages.

Should you be injured in a bus accident, you may wish to consider filing a claim for compensation under the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney. The process bears similarities to a car accident lawsuit, the key difference being that cases involving school buses or buses owned by local governments tend to be more complex. Typically, your legal options when deciding to file a claim hinge on the specific circumstances leading to your accident and the type of bus involved. Our La Porte bus accident attorneys stand ready to discuss these details and more about your case during a complimentary case evaluation session.

The Nature of Your Bus Accident Influences Your Legal Proceedings

As previously noted, the nature of your lawsuit depends on the specific type of bus accident in which you’re involved. Varied laws apply based on the specific parties involved. For this reason, it is crucial to stay informed about the unique aspects of your bus accident case, a process that can be facilitated by consulting our La Porte lawyers. Some prevalent types of bus accidents include:

School Bus Accidents

Numerous schools in Texas employ buses to safely transport their students between home and school, offering an alternative to potentially more dangerous forms of travel. However, accidents can still occur, and if negligence is involved, the school district may be held accountable. Pursuing a lawsuit against either a public entity or a private institution calls for resources and legal expertise that a qualified attorney can provide.

Tour Bus Accidents

There’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as breaking free from routine to explore new places. Tour companies facilitate this by offering sightseeing excursions to various destinations both within and outside of Texas. Yet, even during these trips, accidents can occur, abruptly ending the excitement and joy of travel. Under such circumstances, injured victims may have grounds to sue the tour company, bus company, bus driver, or other road users, depending on the specifics. Liability may extend to several parties, underscoring the need for an experienced lawyer.

City Bus Accidents

Intercity buses transport thousands of passengers across various regions daily. These may be run by private companies or local governments. Lawsuits involving state-owned buses are more complex due to differing laws compared to privately-owned vehicles. Without appropriate legal representation from a skilled attorney, securing compensation may prove extremely challenging.

What’s the Process for Filing a Claim in a Government-Owned Bus Collision?

Specific state laws guide the procedure for filing a claim after an accident involving a government-owned bus. Victims are required to file a “notice of a claim,” also known as a “notice of intent,” which should include:

  • Your full name and address
  • The nature and extent of your physical and emotional losses
  • A detailed account of how the accident transpired, including the time, date, and location
  • A declaration of your intention to seek compensation for your losses due to the negligent actions of the government employee

Such notices must be submitted within a prescribed number of days following the accident. This process may be complex, and battling a local government for compensation is no easy task. To match their legal resources, you need experienced and committed representation, which our bus crash attorneys can provide.

Assigning Liability in a Lawsuit

Liability in personal injury cases hinges on the unique circumstances that precipitated the accident. While bus accidents are often ascribed to driver negligence, this is not always the case. Other parties potentially liable in the aftermath of a crash include:

  • Bus manufacturers for defective systems
  • Road construction companies for substandard road conditions
  • State agencies for negligent hiring practices and inadequate maintenance of roads and buses
  • Bus owners for negligent hiring
  • Other motorists for reckless driving

A competent attorney can assist you in determining the primary liable parties in your bus collision claim.

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If you’ve suffered injuries in a bus accident caused by another party, it’s important to assert your rights and seek the justice you’re due. While it may not be possible to fully restore your life to its pre-accident state, the compensation you could receive can help secure your future by addressing your needs and aiding in the adjustment to your new circumstances. Don’t delay in discovering how our La Porte bus accident attorneys can assist you. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today.

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