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bus driving Every day, thousands of buses drive different routes throughout the United States. Tour buses, school buses, intercity buses, and long-distance buses make the mass movement of people easier. But while en route, some of them are involved in tragic accidents that cause grief and immense suffering to victims. Unfortunately, they often involve a lot of people, including passengers, other road users, and possibly pedestrians. This increases the likelihood of causing further losses and damages.

If you were injured in a bus accident, consider filing a claim for compensation with a skilled personal injury attorney. The process is similar to a car accident lawsuit, with the only difference here is that cases involving school bus accidents or buses owned by local governments are more complicated. Typically, your legal options when deciding to file a claim are dependent on the specific circumstances that caused your accident and the type of bus involved. Our La Porte bus accident lawyers will discuss this and more about your case during our free case evaluation session.

The Type of Bus Accident You’re Involved in Shapes Your Case

As mentioned earlier, the type of lawsuit you file is based on the type of bus accident you are involved in. Different laws apply depending on the specific parties that come into play. For this reason, you should keep yourself appraised on the uniqueness of your bus wreck case by consulting our La Porte lawyers. Some of the most common types of bus accidents include:

School Bus Accidents

Many schools in Texas have buses that ferry their students to and from home. Providing this form of transport is meant to keep children safe and free from harm that they would otherwise be exposed to if they used other means. But even so, accidents do happen, and if negligence plays a part, the school district may be held responsible. As expected, suing both a public entity or private institution requires resources and legal expertise that an accredited attorney can offer.

Tour Bus Accidents

There is nothing more refreshing than taking a break from your normal activities to experience new places. Tour companies make this possible by offering sight-seeing to various destinations in and out of Texas. But during these trips, accidents do happen, cutting short the fun that traveling is. In such instances, injured victims may sue the tour company, bus company, bus driver, or other road users depending on the circumstances. Liability may spread to multiple parties, necessitating the need for an experienced lawyer.

City Bus Accidents

Intercity buses ferry thousands of passengers across different regions every day. They may be operated by private companies or local governments. Lawsuits involving state-owned buses are more complex since they are dictated by different laws compared to privately-owned vehicles. Without the necessary legal representation from a skilled attorney, getting compensated may be extremely difficult.

What is the Process of Filing a Claim in a State-Owned Bus Collision?

Specific state laws dictate how injured victims may file a claim after a government-owned bus accident. You are supposed to file a “notice of a claim” commonly referred to as a “notice of intent.” In these notices, you are to submit:

  • Your official names and address
  • The nature and extent of your tangible and intangible losses
  • A detailed description of how the accident occurred including time, date, and location
  • A statement showing your intention of getting compensated for your losses due to the negligent actions of the government employee

These notices must be submitted within a certain number of days following the accident.  You may not understand this process, and fighting a local government for compensation is never an easy task. You need someone who matches their legal resources, and there is no better person than our focused bus crash attorneys.

Determining Liability in a Lawsuit

Liability in any personal injury case depends on the specific circumstances that led to the accident. Bus accidents are often attributed to driver negligence, but this is not always the case. Other parties likely to be held accountable after a crash include:

  • Bus manufacturer for defective systems
  • Road construction companies for poor roads
  • State agencies for negligent hiring and poor maintenance of roads and buses
  • Bus owners for negligent hiring
  • Other motorists for reckless driving

A knowledgeable attorney could help you determine the primarily liable parties in your bus collision claim.

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If you were hurt in a bus accident caused by someone else, you should stand for your rights and demand the justice you deserve. Unfortunately, you may not be able to get your life back to the same position you were in before the accident. But the compensation you get can help secure your future by helping you meet your needs and adjust to your new life. Please don’t wait any longer to know how our La Porte bus accident lawyers can be of assistance to you. Speak with us today in a free consultation.

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