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Slip and fall accidents might seem to be ordinary. But in reality, they can be as catastrophic as a vehicle or workplace accidents. In most cases, victims do not give it much thought. The embarrassment that follows leaves them with no option but to dust themselves off and go about their activities. The downside of these accidents is that they happen anywhere, even for the most careful. They can be worse for the aged.

Like most personal injury cases, many slip and falls accidents stem from negligence. This means they were preventable, but for the bad actions of an individual or company. For this reason, you should know that you can file a personal injury claim seeking compensation for your injuries and damages.

A qualified Channelview slip and fall accident lawyer from Lone Star Injury Attorneys may be the link between you and real compensation for your injuries. Understanding the steps to take following an accident is as important as seeking justice, and you should let an aggressive attorney handle your claim.

Common Places Where You are Likely to Slip and Fall

As mentioned earlier, slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere and anytime. However, there are certain areas where you are likely to slip and fall no matter how attentive or careful you are with the environment around you. These places include:

  • Theatres
  • Sports arenas
  • Parking lots
  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery stores
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums
  • Pedestrian walkways

Regardless of where you fell, a caring injury lawyer in Channelview can help you maneuver through the often complex compensation process.

How Do I Determine Where My Case Qualifies for Compensation?

Although most slip and fall accidents result from negligence, not all of them qualify for compensation. For a claim to exist, you must show that the premise’s owner was aware or should have been aware of an existing dangerous condition, but failed to keep you safe or warn you about its existence. In other words, your slip and fall accident attorney must prove that:

  • Unsafe and hazardous conditions such as uneven surfaces, cluttered and wet floors existed
  • The premises owner/manager was aware of these conditions
  • The manager failed to keep you safe or warn you
  • You suffered harm due to the conditions

These elements of negligence require in-depth investigations and precise articulation to prove. So in your best interests, you should let a seasoned legal team from our firm handle your case.

Important Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Legal Rights

Right after suffering harm in any type of accident, the steps you take immediately may affect your ability to claim compensation. They also determine the course your injury case takes. In case you find yourself in this type of accident, you should take the following steps to protect your legal rights:

Report to the Premises Owner or Manager

If you suffer harm while on someone else’s premises, you should inform the highest-ranking person on that property about the accident. Although this is not mandatory, you should still do it so that the property owner can record the incident and fix the problem for other customers. The judge or jury as well as the defense counsel will likely question the legitimacy of your case if it was never reported when the accident happened.

Talking to Eyewitnesses and Taking Photos of the Scene and Your Injuries

If you are in a position to, ensure that you speak to eyewitnesses and record their contact information. They may be crucial witnesses during settlement negotiations or trial. And to ensure that you record as much information as you can from the scene before the police clear it, you should take photos and videos.

Seek Medical Evaluation

If your injuries are severe, you should immediately see a doctor. This not only guarantees your safety but also serves to link your injuries to the accident. Some insurance companies may deny your compensation by arguing that your injuries existed before the accident. It’s also extremely important that you follow up with your doctor’s treatment plan. If you don’t, you may only receive low offers from insurance companies, citing that your injuries were not as serious as you claim.

Retain an Accident Lawyer

Soon after you report your slip and fall accident, insurance companies may contact you with an initial offer. This may look appealing, especially if you are struggling with financial problems related to your injury. Without expert legal advice, you may end up signing off your rights to further compensation. Retaining aggressive and experienced local lawyers ensures that you understand the true value of your injuries and what a judge or jury is likely to award in a slip and fall trial.

Contact a Channelview Slip and Fall Attorney Right Away

Our Channelview slip and fall accident lawyers can help you learn more about your case and the legal options available. Our consultations are 100% free of charge.  To learn more about your slip and fall case, call our offices today.

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