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Many injuries call for no alarm, but when one related to the head or brain is mentioned, most people get scared. The future becomes uncertain, and living in the present becomes a nightmare. There are finances to worry about, and most importantly, concerns about the recovery of the injured person. Some brain injuries can have temporary effects, but most are permanent. This means a diminished quality of life for the victim and constant emotional trauma for their families.

Our Channelview traumatic brain injury lawyers are aware of this too well. Throughout our practice, our skilled injury attorneys have handled much worse cases. From wrongful deaths caused by brain injuries to permanent disability. Therefore, we understand the significance of justice to you and your loved one. While we acknowledge that no compensation can undo the damages suffered, we believe that recovering compensation gives you a sense of financial security. You can comfortably offset medical expenses, rehabilitation costs as well as recover lost wages.

What are the Elements of a Brain Injury Claim?

A brain injury qualifies as a personal injury claim, as long as it’s caused by the negligence of someone else. Like in any other injury case, you need to prove the four basic elements of negligence. Unfortunately, doing so in your state may be impossible. So in your best interests, hiring a brain injury attorney is important. He or she can help you prove that:

A Legal Duty of Care Existed

This legal obligation requires individuals to act reasonably and not engage in actions or reckless behaviors that may cause harm to others. For example, drivers have a duty of care towards other road users. This means that they shouldn’t ignore traffic rules and the rules of the road. And if they do, civil charges may be filed against them.

The Duty of Care Was Breached

Anyone who breaches their duty of care is deemed to be negligent. For instance, using the example used above, if a driver speeds beyond set limits, follows a driver too closely, or operates a vehicle while drunk, they breach that duty. It’s your attorney’s responsibility to ensure that this is proven whether through experts or collecting evidence from the scene of the accident.

The Breach Caused You Harm

The major reason why personal injury cases are filed is because someone suffered harm because of the negligent person’s actions. It’s almost impossible to recover compensation through personal injury law if the incident didn’t cause you any injuries in the first place. This will need to be proven through medical reports as well as medical experts. By choosing a brain injury lawyer, you open yourself to a world of possibilities as we can hold depositions of your treating medical providers to explain how the incident caused your injury.

You Suffered Damages

The amount of compensation you receive will be based on the amount of damages you suffered. Without an elaborate plan on how to recoup these damages, you may not be able to meet your new financial needs. A seasoned lawyer understands the crucial role of financial experts in evaluating the value of tangible and intangible losses such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of income-earning ability
  • Wrongful death
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Lost financial premiums
  • Emotional trauma
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Any other provable loss

Depending on your state and extent of brain injury, you may also recover punitive damages through a court process. These damages are meant to punish the defendant for their negligence. They also act as a deterrent to other persons who may wish to go down the same route of causing harm to others.

Common Causes of Brain Injury

Understanding how brain injuries occur helps you avoid them to some great extent.  Your brain injury attorney will help investigate your case to its fullest by retaining experts in different fields to reconstruct your accident. Common causes of brain injuries include:

If you or your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury under any of these circumstances, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Call Our Channelview Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys Today, We Can Help

When you pick up your phone to call us or fill our online contact form, you don’t just speak to any lawyer. You get to talk to a caring legal team that treats you like family. With our Channelview traumatic brain injury lawyers, you have an ally who shares your ultimate goal: full justice for your injuries. For this reason, we walk with you every step of your recovery and legal process until you are settled. To schedule a free and confidential case evaluation session with our personal injury attorneys, call us today.

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