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The Centers for Disease Control(CDC) estimate that at least 5 million people are living with spinal cord injuries in the U.S. Due to the fact that many of these injuries are long-term, victims face untold battles adjusting to a new way of life. Living with a catastrophic injury requires great financial resources due to ongoing medical care, therapy, homecare expenses, and rehabilitation, among other needs. Still, even with strong finances, nobody should be subjected to the physical pain and emotional suffering associated with such devastating injuries.

Anyone who sustains any type of harm due to the careless behaviors of another party may qualify for compensation under Texas personal injury laws. If you or your loved one suffer a spinal cord injury in circumstances you believe were preventable, we can help. Our compassionate Alief spinal cord injury lawyers understand the nature of such injuries and the emotional toll they take. For this reason, we are committed to holding each party involved accountable so you can get justice and find closure. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we believe that jail terms or court fines are not enough punishment for the offender. You should be compensated for your injuries.

When to Hire a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Catastrophic injuries involve multiple complex laws that define your rights and outline what you can recover. To maximize your recovery and get your life back on track, it is imperative to consult an injury attorney. Below are a few scenarios in which a person may suffer a spinal cord injury:

When Someone Intentionally Causes You Harm

It is not unusual to come across spinal cord injury cases where harm was intentional. This is often the case with road rage and other forms of aggressive driving that escalate to physical fights. If someone intentionally struck your spine or shot you, a skilled Alief spinal cord injury attorney will evaluate ways to hold them financially accountable for your tangible and intangible losses.

While criminal lawsuits may be already moving forward in these cases, they are not enough justice. We believe the offender should carry the financial responsibility that follows a serious injury as well.

When You Are Injured in an Auto Wreck

Car accidents account for the majority of spinal cord injuries reported in the U.S each year. Unfortunately, negligence is often at the center of auto collisions. If you were hurt in similar circumstances, someone may have been careless. A qualified car accident attorney can help determine fault in an accident and pursue compensation from the negligent party and their car insurance company.

When You Are Injured at the Supermarket

It may be surprising to hear supermarkets and grocery stores are not much safer than our roads. Although fewer accidents occur here, injuries to the spine still happen at supermarkets. For instance, falling objects and cluttered floors may result in a slip and fall accident where one injures their spine. In that case, a civil claim may be brought against the owner and manager via Texas premises liability laws. These parties have a duty to ensure the safety of visitors by putting pre-emptive measures in place to prevent foreseeable hazards.

When You Are Injured at Work

If you were injured at your workplace, such as at a construction site, you may qualify for worker’s compensation. However, the recoverable costs are a drop in the ocean compared to the losses that follow a catastrophic injury.

Because our legal professionals understand the financial burden you carry, we are committed to exploring other avenues to have you compensated further. For instance, filing a claim against your employer or their insurance company is better since you may recover additional costs.

When You Suffer Harm While Under Medical Care

Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and pharmacists have a moral and legal obligation to observe standard care when treating patients. However, medical negligence in the form of malpractice causes more than 250,000 deaths every year. Thousands more are injured.

If your injuries stemmed from medical malpractice, our Alief spinal cord injury attorneys may hold individual practitioners or hospital management responsible for your injuries. We work with experts such as independent doctors to determine whether your injury was preventable in the first place.

Our Top-Rated Alief Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys Are Available 24/7

Hiring an attorney for your case can assist in determining whether to settle or file a lawsuit to seek full and fair compensation. An Alief spinal cord injury lawyer is ready to help you find justice. Contact us now for a free no-risk case review.

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