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empty grocery aisle Dozens of shoppers are injured in supermarket accidents in League City every year. Although grocery stores and other shopping malls are often well-maintained, accidents still continue to happen due to the negligence of the employees and store owners. These falls occur from the large number of people who make their way into and out of these places within the same time.  The employees are sometimes not prepared with a safety system that allows them to cater to the customers’ needs while also looking out for their safety. Sadly, most people, including shoppers, do not associate shopping centers and supermarkets with serious physical and emotional trauma.

As is the case with drivers, supermarket managers and owners have a duty of care towards shoppers and other persons within their premises. They must always maintain safe conditions for everyone on their property. If they are negligent in implementing this responsibility, danger lurks everywhere, and with the thousands of shoppers that come through every week, the risk of being injured increases significantly. This is where a League City supermarket injury lawyer from Lone Star Injury Attorneys can help.

If you or your loved one was injured in an accident caused by negligence in a grocery store, you may qualify for compensation. Our seasoned lawyers understand how premises liability law works and will stop at nothing to help you recover maximum compensation for your damages. Our goal is to help you receive a fair settlement to cover your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

How Do Grocery Store Injuries Occur in League City?

There are many ways through which a person can be injured while in a supermarket. Understanding how your accident occurred is important when filing a claim. It’s through investigating your case and the safety system of the supermarket that your League City injury attorney will establish fault.  Some of the most common causes of grocery store injures are slip and falls, shopping cart accidents, inadequate safety procedures, burglary and theft, and parking lot car accidents.

Slip and Falls

The most common cause of supermarket injuries is slip and fall accidents. Even with a well-maintained floor, there are other causes of a slip and fall accident. Because grocery stores house different products under one roof, it’s very easy for you to lose your footing on an uneven or cluttered floor. You can also slip over mud or ice tracked in by other shoppers and supermarket workers.  A spill is the most common cause of slip and fall injuries.

Shopping Cart Accidents

Apart from slips and falls, shopping cart accidents are among the most common causes of supermarket injuries. Poorly maintained shopping carts can easily tip over due to loose or broken parts, causing injuries to shoppers, especially children and the elderly. With the help of our dedicated lawyers, you can hold both the supermarket owner and the shopping cart manufacturer responsible for your injuries.

Inadequate Safety and Cleaning Procedures

In some cases, there is no way for the supermarket to have known that the hazard exists.  However, in many cases, the grocery store’s inadequate safety and cleaning procedures make these slip and fall accidents foreseeable.  For example, if the store never trains employees on how to monitor for hazards, or the store never implements simple protective measures for high traffic or particularly dangerous areas, it is foreseeable that injury could occur.

Burglary and Theft

Poorly lit and designed parking basements come with a higher likelihood of violence, theft, and burglary. In some cases, shoppers are robbed at gunpoint while exiting supermarkets. To ensure the safety of shoppers, supermarket owners are expected to maintain high standards of safety by ensuring there’s proper lighting in the basements. They should also install Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) for all-round monitoring.

Parking Lot Car Accidents

Although cars move at very low speeds in parking lots, car accidents can be fatal. Uneven surfaces, poorly lit basements, poorly marked crossways and poorly designed parking lots can all contribute to a parking lot accident. Additionally, poorly-maintained parking lots can have potholes or other dangerous conditions that could lead their customers to injury.  Depending on the exact cause of the accident, your supermarket injury attorney can help you hold accountable multiple parties including the car driver, car owner, parking lot construction company, grocery store owner as well as maintenance companies.

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