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We all like to think that we’re safer in parking lots than on open roads. And even so, parking lot incidents aren’t any different from other types of accidents that happen under normal circumstances. Although most of them are not serious, some of them are chaotic.

Following an accident, you may be shaken up, confused, or even seriously injured. You may not be able to think straight, and making solid decisions about your legal rights may be difficult. Therefore, you may need a skilled Katy parking lot accident lawyer to help you receive full justice for your accident. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could help you obtain the compensation you need.

Words Can Hurt You

You may have heard, “sticks and bones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.” But following a parking lot accident, what you say can impact your personal injury case and ability to recover compensation for your damages. Since the last thing you want to do is jeopardize your chances of a beneficial recovery, it’s important that you understand how your words may be used against you.  We regularly see that saying “I’m okay” can be distorted into “I could never be injured from this accident.”

As is the case with other types of personal injury claims, your parking lot accident lawsuit will be determined based on fault. And when it comes to determining liability, and establishing the roles played by each party in the accident, the statements you make can greatly affect the course of your case. Testimonials from witnesses and experts in the financial and medical fields can also impact your recovery. When it comes to speaking to insurance companies, it’s always in your best interests to speak to a Katy lawyer to communicate on your behalf throughout the parking lot accident case.

2 Important Statements You Should Avoid Following a Parking Lot Accident

Following a parking lot accident, words can slip your mouth unknowingly. Unfortunately, the choice of words you use can damage your personal injury case. Some of the most common statements you should avoid when in a parking lot accident include:

“I’m Sorry”

The property manager, premises owner, or other driver may be quick to engage you in an argument to distance themselves from liability. They have all the reasons to counter your claims as their negligence has caused your injury. Therefore, they will pile a lot of pressure on you to admit fault. They may even try to settle with you pay offering you money immediately.

It’s natural to feel bad that the incident has happened and to wish that it was avoided.  But in your best interests, you should never admit liability or accept any settlement offers. You should instead wait for your lawyer to hear the facts of your case. Accepting initial offers may bar you from seeking further damages in the future. With an attorney, you are assured that what you get is full justice to push you through the financially demanding aftermath that most parking lot accidents are.

“I’m Okay”

Some injuries can tweak your body into sudden overdrive. As your adrenaline spikes, it becomes impossible to recognize your injuries until your adrenaline has subsided. The pain or aches will be completely masked, and you may not even realize the severity of harm suffered. It’s normal to refuse an ambulance immediately, but you’ll want to wait a couple days to see if you have any lasting injuries. That’s why it’s important that you seek medical evaluation immediately if something doesn’t feel right with your body.

How Serious are Parking Lot Accidents?

While the National Safety Council estimates that over 500 lives are lost every year to parking lot accidents, the trend seems to be increasing each year. Many parking lots are regularly full, especially on weekends and holidays, making them potentially unsafe even for the most cautious. Some of the most common accidents that occur here include:

Unfortunately, most of these accidents occur due to negligence on the part of drivers and premises owners. As such, they become civilly accountable for their negligence. While in the extreme cases they may also face criminal charges, you still have an opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries and losses by initiating civil charges as well. A trial-tested attorney can help you prove negligence and increase the prospects of recovering a fair settlement after a parking lot incident.

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