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Suffering a brain injury can mark the beginning of pain and limitations for injured victims. Their families go through tough moments trying to help them lead a normal life. Sadly, recovering from a serious brain injury is often dependent on how quickly the injured person gets quality medical care. Typically, getting treatment from the best medical teams requires a lot of money for cognitive rehabilitation.

One of the ways to raise enough finances following an accident is by filing a personal injury case. It’s no surprise that many people don’t choose this path due to its complex nature. However, with a dedicated Katy traumatic brain injury lawyer, you have a fighting chance for full compensation. You shouldn’t worry about finding the best brain injury attorney, as our firm handles traumatic brain injury cases regularly, and we know what it takes for full justice.  And with our contingency fee agreement, your attorney can only collect attorneys fees if they get you the compensation you need.

How to Get Maximum Settlement from Your Head Trauma Lawsuit

As mentioned earlier, treatment for brain injuries is often beyond reach for many victims. Even with medical coverage, you may still need additional resources to cover your bills and other expensive costs, such as comprehensive brain scans and cognitive therapy. When filing a claim, you must ensure that you don’t simply accept any settlement; you should strive for the highest compensation possible. To achieve this, follow a few essential steps. Bolstering your case goes beyond claiming you were injured.

Here are a few tips that, if followed meticulously, will guarantee the most compensation from your brain injury lawsuit:

Seek Medical Evaluation & Follow Up with Treatment

When seeking compensation in any personal injury claim, it’s crucial to prove that you were injured. There is no better way to do this than by seeking medical evaluations from professionals. The doctor’s report and testimony will be presented as evidence during negotiations or trial. Furthermore, ensure that you follow up with treatment. The defendant’s insurance company may try to argue that the injury is not significant, and failing to follow up with treatment when you are genuinely injured will be used against you.

Don’t leave anything out. When seeking treatment, don’t be embarrassed to tell your doctor everything about your injury and how it affects your everyday life. For example, some brain injuries are known to cause memory problems, slow processing speed, or mental exhaustion. Don’t omit such information, as doctors need to fully understand the extent of the damage.

Document Your Losses

From the start of your treatment, ensure you have accurate records of all expenses related to your brain injury. Keep receipts for any transportation costs, such as Uber rides to the hospital. If you are undergoing therapy or rehabilitation, have someone note down the contact information of your therapist, as well as the costs incurred. No financial loss is too small to record. What may seem minor today could be a crucial factor in your quest for compensation.

Don’t Accept the Initial Offer

Insurance companies never have your best interests at heart. You might be mistaken to think that they care about providing you with a fair settlement offer. Typically, insurance adjusters are driven by maximizing profits for their employers. This means they are incentivized to offer you the lowest compensation you will accept or deny liability altogether. Therefore, the first offer shouldn’t excite you. Turning down the initial offer sets the stage for negotiating a better one, which your Katy brain injury attorney will aggressively pursue on your behalf.

Hire a Seasoned Lawyer

One common mistake that many brain injury victims make is negotiating with insurance companies on their own. Most of them think that self-litigating saves them money that could have otherwise been used to hire an attorney. Unfortunately, such victims often end up receiving less than full compensation.

Insurance companies have resourceful legal teams ready to shoot down any claims against them. They will use any loophole on your end, such as the lack of legal knowledge, to deny liability or minimize the value of your damages. If you don’t have any legal background or experience, it may be difficult to protect your rights. The best thing to do is to retain a skilled Katy brain injury attorney.

Talk to a Katy Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney for Quality Legal Representation

A compassionate and dedicated Katy brain injury lawyer from Lone Star Injury Attorneys may be your link to financial freedom. We understand that no two brain injuries are similar, which is why we approach each case with the professionalism and uniqueness it deserves. Our focus is on maximum compensation, and we enlist the services of experts in the medical and financial fields to determine the full implications of your injuries on your life. To ensure that we discuss your case with the discretion it deserves, please contact us today and schedule a FREE case evaluation.

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