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Because Texas is home to a variety of waterways other than the popular Gulf of Mexico, it’s no surprise that most Texans flock to these areas for boating activities. Although a majority of boating adventures go without an incident, there are cases where accidents occur. Unfortunately, some of them are fatal, resulting in catastrophic injuries and death. Victims may be eligible for compensation under state personal injury laws if they prove that someone was negligent in causing their injury.

As expected, personal injury claims can be difficult to navigate particularly if you don’t have any legal background. Even for those who do, a lot of time is spent seeking treatment and following up with the doctor’s plans and appointments. By the time they realize what lay ahead of them, the statute of limitations has already lapsed. Fortunately, a knowledgeable Katy boat accident attorney may step in and save you from the stress that filing a successful legal claim by yourself entails.

How Serious are Boat Accidents in Texas?

Although boat accidents are relatively rare compared to traffic accidents, they cause a tremendous impact whenever they occur. According to statistics from the Coast Guard, there are over 4291 boat accidents every year. Out of these numbers, at least 658 people are killed, while over 2629 others suffer serious injuries. Cumulatively, these accidents result in damages more than $46 million each year.

Types of Watercraft Incidents

There are many ways someone may suffer serious harm while on the state waterways. Understanding the specific facts around your case is crucial to filing a successful personal injury claim. Our Katy boat accident lawyers have over the years handled accidents involving:

  • Collisions with other water vessels
  • Collisions with fixed objects
  • Swamping/flooding
  • Falls overboard
  • Grounding

To some extent, you may need the input and skills of a seasoned accident reconstruction expert to understand how your accident occurs. Our trial-ready boat wreck attorneys in Katy have the resources to retain such experts for your benefit.

Why Do Boat Accidents Occur?

The first thing that comes to mind after an accident is your safety. You check yourself for injuries and keep a safe distance from the scene. While you’re doing this, it’s also very important that you understand how and why your accident occurred. For example, the boat operator may have been drunk or was reckless. You need to establish this and take necessary precautions to preserve evidence from the crash site. Unfortunately, most accidents, as is the case with vehicular collisions, result from negligence. It could be on the part of the boat operator if they are poorly trained, drunk, speeding, or operating the watercraft recklessly.

Another common reason why you may be a victim of a boating accident is failure to meet set quality standards on the part of the boat manufacturer. If a defective part causes a crash, you may file a claim against any party involved in the chain of distribution. Our aggressive accident lawyers know too well what an uphill task it is to face off with resourceful boating companies. For this reason, we dedicate our skills, expertise, resources, and experience to fighting for maximum compensation.

Inclement weather conditions such as fog and mist are not just a safety hazard to motorists. They could be catastrophic for boating activities. For example, operating a boat in dense fog or strong winds may impair vision and stability, resulting in an accident. In such scenarios, boat operators may be held liable for failing to adhere to maritime rules concerning bad weather conditions.

Liability in a Boat Accident Case

Essentially, the party that acts negligently or violates their duty of care towards other persons bears liability. However, you need to prove this before you can recover any compensation. A dedicated Katy boat accident lawyer will invest the time and energy to provide full evidence of fault. Throughout our decades of personal injury law practice, most defendants in boat accident claims are:

  • Boat manufacturers for defective parts and poor boat designs
  • Other boat operators and passengers for recklessness
  • Boat operators for negligent driving
  • Boat owners for negligent hiring and poor maintenance

To determine liability, you may need to build up the facts around your case. Experts may help you do this and are often available through attorneys.

Our Katy Boat Accident Attorneys May Help

If you or your loved one was injured in a boating accident, you may likely recover monetary compensation for your injuries and damages. Our Katy boat accident lawyers understand how these cases work and may be able to offer you the much-needed legal assistance. To learn more about your case, please contact us today.

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