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Pedestrian accidents are not a new thing in Texas. Every day, someone is killed or injured, and what’s even more worrying, most of these cases result from negligence. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) puts these figures at one fatality every two hours. Although many measures have been undertaken to curb this growing problem, innocent people in Cypress and beyond continue to fall prey to these pedestrian accidents.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of similar accidents, you should seek an audience with a trusted Cypress pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible. Personal injury victims in Texas are allowed to sue responsible parties for their injuries and other losses. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand how traumatizing a pedestrian accident can be. For this reason, we dedicate our time, resources, and expertise to fight for your rights just as we would for our own.

Road Accidents are the Leading Cause of Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths

An accident involving a pedestrian can stem from many factors. Unfortunately, most of them involve motorists. Even with numerous state and federal traffic rules, some drivers act in complete disregard for pedestrian’s rights, including their right of way. What follows is a trail of untold damage resulting from severe injuries and, sometimes, deaths. The sad part, and what has become a widespread trait, is motorists not stopping after causing an accident. Hit-and-run accidents are often dangerous. A driver who flees an accident scene also commits a felony and may face criminal charges.

Depending on the cause of the accident, you may sue:

  • Vehicle owner for negligent driver hiring
  • The individual driver who hit you
  • Uber if the accident involved the ride-sharing company
  • Road construction companies for poor designs
  • State agencies for poor road maintenance
  • Other road users for negligence

If your accident involved a government vehicle, your case may present unique challenges due to the government’s immunity from some lawsuits. A reputable lawyer can help you find another potential way to recover compensation after a pedestrian accident.

Shared Fault in a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

All personal injury cases are determined based on negligence. As the plaintiff, it’s your responsibility to prove that the defendant’s actions or inactions were the proximate cause of your injuries with a preponderance of evidence. However, there are scenarios where your own fault may have contributed to the accident. For example, you could have been texting or using your cellphone when crossing the road. In such instances, the defendant may argue that the accident stemmed from your negligence. Even so, you shouldn’t give up on your rights. If they were speeding or driving aggressively, you could also argue that they had the opportunity to prevent the accident. A seasoned lawyer can help you prove that the defendant failed to act reasonably, causing you harm.

However, your fault will automatically affect the amount of compensation you recover. For example, if your degree of responsibility is 50% or above, you cannot be compensated in Texas. These figures must fall at 49% or below for your claim to be eligible for compensation. In the end, your amount will be lowered by these margins. For example, if you are 40% at fault and have been awarded $10,000, the final payout will be reduced by that margin to make it $6,000. An aggressive pedestrian accident attorney can help illustrate the negligence on the defendant’s part for maximum compensation.

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Case

The success of any personal injury case is entirely based on how best the plaintiff argues their case with a preponderance of evidence. It’s indisputable that you can also represent yourself without necessarily having to retain an attorney. However, such cases often end in futility or in a result that is less than full justice. To protect your legal rights and ensure that your claim results in a beneficial outcome, a crosswalk injury lawyer should be your go-to professional for the best results.

Your attorney will:

  • Interview and record eyewitness testimonials
  • Investigate your case and determine liability
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies
  • Collect admissible evidence from the scene
  • Represent you in court
  • Retain expert witnesses to reconstruct the circumstances around your accident

Contact Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys For Help

If you are still reeling over an accident that caused harm to you or your loved one, our Cypress pedestrian accident lawyers will have the answers you need. We offer free consultations to ensure that you get a platform to discuss your case extensively without worrying about getting billed. To schedule a one-on-one session, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by phone or by filling out a form on our website.

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