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When a person endures a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it often marks the beginning of a drastically altered life. They may find themselves unable to enjoy their previous activities, or even experience a quality life without significant challenges. In essence, their life may seem suspended until they adapt to their new limitations. However, with appropriate treatment, individuals with brain injuries can often significantly recover and return to their former activities. That said, the cost of such treatments can be steep, and even with personal medical insurance coverage, you may require additional finances for complete care.

Fortunately, as with other personal injury victims, those who’ve suffered brain injuries have a legal right to monetary compensation for the harm they’ve incurred. They must file a claim with substantial proof that someone else’s negligence caused their injuries. Considering that the victim may not be in the best condition to navigate a legal process, a legally appointed representative may oversee the procedure with the assistance of a seasoned Conroe traumatic brain injury lawyer. Therefore, if you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury, enlisting an experienced attorney is an effective strategy to safeguard your legal rights to compensation.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are numerous ways one can incur a brain injury. Yet, as a recurring pattern shows, most of these injuries stem from acts of negligence. Despite legislation intended to deter such negligence, an increasing number of individuals continue to face the devastating consequences of brain injuries. Some of the most prevalent accidents resulting in TBI include medical malpractice, traffic accidents, workplace incidents, and acts of violence.

Medical Malpractice

When you seek treatment in a healthcare facility, you place your health and well-being in the hands of medical professionals. It’s almost inconceivable that these entrusted individuals could inflict more harm. Unfortunately, not all medical procedures proceed flawlessly, even under the care of the most qualified and experienced doctors. A mistake in medication or surgical procedure can lead to a brain injury. In some instances, doctors may fail to uphold the medical standard of care, resulting in a brain injury.

Traffic Accidents

As a bustling city, Conroe sees thousands of individuals navigating its local streets and highways each day. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, motorists, and cyclists all share the right to safely utilize the city’s well-developed roads. However, these roads aren’t always secure due to negligent behaviors such as driving under the influence or distracted driving, which can lead to crashes with severe damages and injuries. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention attribute more than 60% of brain injury cases in the U.S. to car accidents, pedestrian incidents, motorcycle crashes, and truck collisions.

Workplace Accidents

Workplaces, particularly construction sites, are notorious for the inherent dangers they pose to both employees and bystanders. Despite the safety guidelines outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), accidents can still occur. Slips and falls stand as the predominant cause of brain injuries among workers, while falling objects commonly inflict harm on unsuspecting pedestrians.

Acts of Violence

Disagreements among individuals are common, yet when they escalate to a point that results in physical injury, it can constitute both a criminal and civil case. Violent incidents such as muggings or robberies can lead to significant injuries, permitting the victims to file personal injury cases against the parties responsible. Road rage incidents are another prevalent cause of head injuries, where an incensed driver who injures a pedestrian or collides with another vehicle can be held liable for their negligent, or even intentional, actions. Regardless of the cause of your TBI, it’s advisable to consult an experienced lawyer about your potential case.

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The Role of Medical and Financial Experts in Conroe Head Injury Cases

Establishing the adverse effects of a brain injury requires more than mere words; it necessitates tangible proof. In personal injury law, the testimony of seasoned attorneys working closely with medical and financial experts often proves pivotal in securing the deserved maximum settlements for injured victims.

Expert witnesses help to establish the connection between your injuries or damages and the negligence of the defendant. Utilizing medical records, creating computer-aided simulations to recreate the events leading to the injury, and collecting evidence from the accident scene, our attorneys collaborate with these experts to enable judges and jurors to make informed decisions based on hard evidence rather than hearsay.

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