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Many households in America have an animal, either for companionship or for security purposes. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) estimates that there are over 76,000,000 dogs in the United States. While most owners are very responsible, we should never lose sight of these animals’ dangers. They must be restrained, trained, and socialized for the safety of visitors and the general public. Because aggressive dogs can be temperamental, they should be supervised while around new visitors.

If you suffered a dog bite owing to a dog owner’s negligence, you are eligible for compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney. The trauma and injuries that follow can change your life drastically. Such attacks have been known to cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, especially in children. Sadly, extreme cases may result in scarring, permanent injuries or death. A compassionate Brownsville dog bite lawyer could be the difference in your pursuit for justice, and ultimately, rightful compensation.

Dog Bite Statistics in Texas

Dog bites are a common problem in Texas. A dog bite occurs every 75 seconds, with pitbulls being particularly dangerous. Although there are not as many pitbulls as other breeds of dog, this species accounts for at least 64% of dog bite-related fatalities. Women and children are often on the receiving end of these attacks.

In 2014, Texas recorded the highest number of deaths resulting from dog bites, with six involving pitbulls. In spite of numerous state legislation regulating dog ownership and animal insurance, these cases continue to cause untold horror and damage. An experienced Brownsville dog bite lawyer may help you mount an indisputable personal injury case against the dog owner.

How the One Bite Rule Works

The Texas “One Bite Rule” stipulates that any dog owner whose animal causes harm to another person may be held liable for the victim’s injuries and losses. If the owner was aware of the dog’s tendency to attack and bite but failed to take necessary precautions, the injured person may institute civil charges for compensation. Knowledge of previous aggressive trends or attacks is the baseline for a skilled Brownsville dog bite attorney to bring a personal injury claim forward.

As with other injury cases, it’s your responsibility to show that the defendant’s negligence caused the dog bite. They must have breached the duty of care, and the breach caused you harm. For example, dogs must always be leashed when in public. If the owner disregarded this rule and the animal attacked you, they are deemed to have failed in their duty of care.

Moreover, you must prove causation. The bite must be the proximate cause of your bodily harm. Medical reports may act as proof as most insurance companies may argue that your injuries were self-inflicted or preexisting. Lastly, your Brownsville dog bite lawyer must prove you suffered recoverable damages such as medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, or therapy expenses.

You Need an Attorney

It may not be easy to prove your case because Texas doesn’t follow strict liability laws like many other states do for dog bite lawsuits. The complexity in establishing liability on the dog owner’s part may also be an uphill task, the reason many victims don’t pursue compensation. For the best outcome, you should work with an accredited Brownsville dog bite attorney who has experience in Texas dog bite laws.

What to Look for When Retaining a Dog Bite Attorney

You are bound to come across different attorneys in newspapers, magazines, television, ads, or even direct referrals. Unfortunately, not everyone is qualified to handle your case. Knowing what to look out for in a Brownsville dog bite lawyer is crucial to the success of your lawsuit. Some of the key things to watch out for are:


A reasonable attorney has a proven track record showcasing their past cases and results. It would be best if you sourced for one whose experience revolves around personal injury law. Because proving an injury case revolves around the same elements of negligence, you want a law firm that only focuses on this area.


Nothing beats a dedicated attorney who is always there to answer their client’s questions. You want a lawyer who will show up in court on your behalf, explain the entire legal process, answer your calls, reply to your emails and messages as well as provide one-on-one consultation. An attorney’s availability creates comfort and peace of mind in the mind of the injured party.


An excellent personal injury attorney doesn’t demand upfront payments from a client. Instead, they work on a contingency fee arrangement where they incur all legal expenses until there is a successful outcome.

Our Dog Bite Attorneys May Help

A dog attack can be traumatizing as it can be catastrophic. If you were a victim, don’t hesitate to contact our Brownsville dog bite lawyer for help with your case. Call us at our office or reach out to us online today.

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