Chemical Leak at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

group of people on a water park ride

Dozens of families rushed to the hospital after a chemical leak or “chemical incident” at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown in Spring, Texas caused skin irritation and breathing problems to the patrons.  While the water park should be a time for fun and relaxation for the family, no one should be worried if the water park is causing harm to their family.  If you have suffered an injury at the water park, call our offices today to discuss your legal options.

You are Entitled to Full Justice for Your Injuries

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we believe that nobody’s life should be brought to a standstill because someone else failed to maintain their legal obligation of maintaining a duty of care towards their water park customers. If you or a loved one has suffered chemical burns or breathing injuries at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown or any other water park, you may be entitled to legal compensation for your injuries.

We often advise personal injury victims to consult with an attorney to determine if they can receive compensation for their suffering caused by the negligence or recklessness of others.  We always recommend that injured parties take advantage of our free consultation to talk about their case with experienced and aggressive injury lawyers.

Call Us Today to Talk About Your Case

It’s common for chemical burn injury victims to feel overwhelmed with their medical concerns. Many are left with hospital bills or other expenses because of the chemical burn injury. At Lone Star injury Attorneys, we focus our expertise towards helping these victims get back to their normal lives, while we focus on their legal claim. We recognize that no amount of money is worth your health, but this money can help you pay off the outstanding medical bills and compensate you for the pain and suffering you and your family has endured. To help us help you, please call us today for a free case evaluation with one of our lawyers.