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esportsPeople across the globe have been keenly following and watching eSports. According to 2019 statistics, close to 500 million people have heard, watched, and followed eSports worldwide via YouTube, Twitter, Fox Sports, and ESPN. As this new mode of sports continues to expand, so does the number of fans. This has, in turn, created hundreds of job opportunities for young people around the world as professional gamers. From promotions to advertisements, the eSports industry brings in over a billion dollars per year. However, as with any industry, there are problems. Some businesses take advantage of these young competitors, sometimes locking them into unconscionable contracts that restrict their ability to make money.

Often, eSports players need agents or lawyers to properly negotiate their contracts with sponsors, teams, and other industry players. Sometimes, they need to bring their case through the court system, seeking legal interpretation on a number of issues that continue to bedevil their source of income and entertainment. Seeking justice without legal help in an eSports case can be frustrating without an attorney. Our Texas eSports and competitive gaming lawyers have the understanding and resources necessary to see you through.

What’s the Difference between an eSports Agent and a Lawyer?

An eSports agent acts on a gamer’s behalf in contract negotiation and represents them to organizations who are interested in working with them. Anyone can be qualified to be an agent, including a lawyer, as it does not require a particular degree or certification. Similar to a talent agent or manager in movies and television, an agent tries to get the best deals by zealously advocating on behalf of the client.

An eSports lawyer also represents the gamer in contract negotiation, but additionally, he or she can represent the gamer in a court of law. An eSports attorney can draft and file the appropriate paperwork with the court, conduct discovery and subpoena any relevant information from other parties, and argue on behalf of the client in front of a judge or jury. This can come into play if the eSports competitor is owed money after a contract dispute, or if the terms of the contract are so unfair that they need to be deemed invalid by a judge.

For this kind of legal work, an eSports agent would need to hire an outside attorney, and the agent might not be familiar with the nuances of the court system’s civil procedure. By hiring a lawyer who is familiar with competitive gaming, you receive the benefits of a skilled and experienced negotiator, as well as the ability to file or defend a lawsuit if necessary.

What Legal Issues Can a Local Competitive Gaming Lawyer Help Me Address?

There are numerous ways in which a Texas competitive gaming attorney can offer help, especially when an eSports player does not feel comfortable navigating through the process by themselves.

eSports Player Representation

Sports personalities across the globe – from footballers to marathon runners to tennis players – have personal managers who ensure that their careers are stress free. This is done through making business deals, interpreting various laws governing their sports, and much more. Generally, the presence of a lawyer or manager guarantees their safety and interests in many ways.

But for many competitive gamers, legal representation is a completely new term. Most of them are represented by personal friends or family members. Sadly, this normally leaves them exposed to a wide array of shortcomings. For example, they could be earning much less compared to their counterparts with professional eSports lawyers. By hiring on of our our Texas eSports and competitive gaming attorneys, you are assured of having the best representation when negotiating contracts and much more.

Establishing Regulations

The biggest problem currently facing eSports is the lack of a formal regulation body like those which govern the operations of other globally recognized games like football and athletics. While there are numerous national eSports organizations, many have called for an global industry authority, especially for those games with international eSports competitions. If a formal regulation body is put in place, the sport will become more complicated since the rules and regulations will apply to all player across the globe. Our attorneys have the best minds in Texas to lend a hand in both the formulation and compliance of such policies.

What Are My Rights as an eSports Player?

Every athlete has rights that give them the freedom for sustainable development of their careers and talents. It is no different for an eSports competitor. Being a player makes you a brand, and as a result, investors and marketers will soon seek your services to promote their ideas or businesses through you. Just like soccer players wear trademarked jerseys, eSports players also have an equal chance of conveying a third party’s message while playing.

However, all these promotions must be done through the eSports player’s knowing consent. Failure to do so can lead to a legal battle between competitive gamers and big corporations, and in this case, a Texas lawyer comes in handy to offer the much needed legal help. In many cases, these rights are also championed by players’ associations and teams, but an individual player also has the right to file a claim on their own.

The right to establishing a personal brand is another sure way of increasing your income. For example, your name, signature or actions while playing can be used to market another brand. Michael Jordan, for example, has his “Jumpman” pose trademarked in the Air Jordan brand. When negotiating such business contracts, it is advisable to have an attorney to avoid manipulation of your personal brand.

Our Texas eSports and Competitive Gaming Attorneys Can Help You Shape Your Career

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Just like soccer, marathons, baseball, and other renowned sports, eSports has found its way across borders. From young children to older industry professionals, eSports has impacted millions of lives. However, it’s not always easy as there are stringent regulatory measures in place to curb malpractice just like any other sporting activities. Given that eSports is a new development, many players often find themselves in a predicament when it’s not clear what legal challenges or issues will be brought against them or their team. Regardless of the issue, it is always advisable to consult a legal advocate for help.

The impact of eSports cannot be ignored. Apart from creating employments opportunities to the players, supporting entities such as eSports infrastructure and investments are rapidly growing. As a result, the economies of the different states continue to strengthen. But just like any other business, eSports requires legal input to remain afloat. From representing players during conflicts to amending basic rules, lawyers with experience in this field will help maintain the integrity of the players.

Our Texas eSports and competitive gaming lawyers are gamers themselves and follow the industry closely. If you are at the competitive level of eSports, our firm may be the perfect choice for you. Call our office today for a free consultation.

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