attorney signingSince time immemorial, different countries across the globe have offered protection to groups and individuals who flee from persecution in their home countries. In most cases, these countries have been held hostage in the murky waters of wars arising from a wide array of political, economic, and social conflict. For example, many countries have time and again been prone to tribal clashes due to political tensions.

As a result, many end up fleeing from their homes in the quest for more peaceful democracies. However, the immigration process for refugees is not a walk in the park. Aspiring refugees are expected to adhere to strict legal guidelines stipulated by the respective state governments of the countries they wish to escape to. This necessitates the need for experienced asylum and refugee lawyers. If you wish to seek asylum in Sugar Land or anywhere in the United States, our attorneys have what it takes to make you a legal resident of this country. To learn more, consult with a Sugar Land application for asylum or refugee lawyer from our firm.

Defining an Asylum Seeker or Refugee

Many international laws provide asylum seekers and refugees with a way to flee their home countries, but the definition of such terms are often debated. Many countries reference the United Nations’ 1951 international convention on refugees, which defines a refugee as an individual who flees their country of origin or nationality for fear of persecution based on their religion, race, nationality, or political affiliation. Under the UN’s treaty established at this convention, all refugees must be accorded with the essential amenities that other non-nationals receive such as security, the ability to work, and public education while in asylum.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Refugee Application in Sugar Land?

There are no specific laws that bar asylum seekers from undertaking the application process in Sugar Land on their own. As a matter of fact, there are numerous refugees who have represented themselves and succeeded in seeking asylum. However, having professional help is valuable asset, especially when the person in question is new to the legal framework that regulates refugee immigration. Immigration laws are often complex, especially when the applicable statutes, international agreements, and administrative codes are required to fully argue your case.

These laws are governed and regulated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and are prone to changes from either the legislature or the administrative body. This administrative entity is mandated with the responsibility of developing the forms, procedures and requirements that must be fully met by asylum seekers. Hiring a Sugar Land attorney may be essential for a refugee in filing a successful application for asylum.

What Are the Rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Sugar Land?

Every refugee or asylum seeker is entitled to a number of rights, as stipulated by international human rights laws. This means that they must be treated with respect irrespective of their race, religion, or country of origin while in a foreign land. Some of the major rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Sugar Land include:


Non-refoulement, which is the basic principle that governs refugee law, is the obligation of a government to not return (or “refoule”) an asylum seeker back to their country of origin where their freedom and life were at stake. In many states, this principle has been revised and acknowledged as a basic human right for refugees. However, a refugee can willingly decide to go back to their state of origin. Having an asylum and refugee lawyer in Sugar Land will serve to cushion you from such an unlawful return.

Right to Justice

The right to justice has for many years been neglected when adjudicating basic rights to asylum seekers. A vast majority of asylum seekers feel intimidated in their countries of refuge and may use this basis to shy away from seeking justice in other ways. For example, a refugee who falls prey to fraud, personal injury, or physical abuse may fail to seek help from the corridors of justice due to fear of being discriminated by virtue of being a foreigner. It is indisputable that everyone deserves the right to justice in their own capacity as individuals or business entities. In many cases, refugees establish business enterprises in their states of refuge, and having a Sugar Land attorney will go a long way in assuring the asylum seeker that he or she has equal access to justice.

Freedom of Movement

Asylum seekers or refugees are fully entitled to freedom of movement in their host countries. This means that they can easily move from one place to another in the country that they have fled to. Under this freedom, they can choose their preferred places of worship, residence, work, and recreation. Furthermore, the host country must provide them with travel documents and business permits unless their character or state of mind shows otherwise.

Right to Security

Asylum seekers and refugees are often prone to discrimination while in the host countries. As a result, they might feel insecure while carrying out their daily activities. Based on the international convention of refugees, the host nations must fully guarantee the security of persons who flee from their countries. However, if they contravene any rules in the host nation, they are liable to prosecution or detention. Some states take advantage of these acts to illegally detain innocent refugees when they have no legal representation. To mitigate such unlawful detentions, you should consult a lawyer in Sugar Lawyer to apply for asylum to prevent any unlawful detention for illegal status.

A Sugar Land Attorney Can Be a Refugee’s Greatest Asset in Applying for Asylum

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Many countries offer a maximum of two attempts of asylum application to foreigners. This means that any slight mistake in these applications may lock you out of the process for a considerable amount of time. It is advisable to seek legal counsel before putting pen to paper to avoid careless mistakes that may jeopardize your quest for asylum. Our Sugar Land application for asylum lawyers have unequivocal expertise in helping refugees fulfill the legal expectations as advised by the intended host states. We are fully accredited by the necessary immigration authorities, and we will work around the clock to ensure that your application becomes a success. Get in touch with us today and schedule a consultation with one of our representatives.