Importance of Following up with Medical Care after a Sugar Land Car Accident

doctor looking at xrayToo often, car accident victims overlook the need for immediate medical attention whenever they are involved in a wreck simply because they believe the injuries will heal on their own. Others think that seeking medical treatment will rob them of their precious time, or they have a dislike for hospitals. Either way, not seeking medical help at the time of the accident can negatively affect your injury claims. If you feel hurt after an accident, seeking professional medical evaluation should be a must.

An experienced auto wreck attorney could help you understand the importance of following up with medical treatment after a car accident in Sugar Land. Following up with your doctor’s advice or treatment plan is equally as important. Unfortunately, a majority of vehicle collision victims often visit health care facilities for treatment and assessments but fail to follow up with their treatment plan. This may be attributed to the lack of medical insurance coverage or scheduling conflicts with work. They may feel afraid of accumulating huge medical bills or are just not ready to miss a day or weeks away from work as advised by their physician. Regardless of your excuse, failing to follow up with treatment may significantly affect your settlement.

The need for following the doctor’s advice on follow-up appointments can’t be stressed enough. There are many advantages to adhering to their instructions. They include:

You Show an Act of Good Faith

A continuing series of medical care sends a strong message to your insurance company: you were seriously injured, and you are doing everything in your power to get better. It shows that you are trying to regain the health you had before the accident occurred. What’s more, such continued trips to your doctor help in keeping track of your pain level throughout your treatment and tracing your injuries back to the specific accident you were involved in.

For example, if you have suffered post-traumatic psychological problems (often in the forms of anxiety or depression), and your doctor has referred you to a therapist, it will be up to you to ensure that you adhere to the guidelines given. If your therapist advises that you see him or her weekly, it is your responsibility to schedule appointments. Should you decide to call it quits after attending a few sessions without their knowledge, it will be difficult to trace your psychological problems after your most recent sessions. The insurance company will likely argue that any new future bills will not be compensated because your decision not to follow up means that you were no longer suffering from those symptoms. Following up with medical treatment after a wreck could prevent the insurance company from making these types of arguments.

Following up with Treatment Increases the Likelihood that Your Medical Bills Are Covered

Following up with your doctor’s treatment plan goes a long way in ensuring that all your injuries are addressed and documented. For example, if you suffered a spinal injury to your neck or back, you may be required to follow up with the treatment for months. As a result, you will probably be subjected to further therapy and medication. All these medical bills will be included in your claims because you have the documents to prove. But should you decide to skip some sessions, the insurance company will argue that you have not taken the steps to mitigate your pain, and the sessions following your gap in treatment should not be covered.

Sticking to the Plan Maximizes the Value of Your Claims

Having a proactive mindset towards your case can have a direct impact on your case. It will maximize the value of your claim, therefore ensuring that your insurance company does not have any reasons to undervalue the value of your injuries and damages. If you are unavailable for an appointment, be sure to cancel it beforehand or reschedule as soon as you find an opening.  If you don’t follow up with treatment, you may only be entitled to compensation for the bills you incurred in that period. This means that any future medical treatment for your car accident injuries will likely be disputed by the insurance company.

Getting Help from a Sugar Land Car Accident Attorney


The best thing you can do after being involved in a vehicle collision is to prioritize your safety. You must recognize the importance of following up with medical treatment after a car accident in Sugar Land. Additionally, it is crucial that you follow your doctor’s advice to the letter. Not only will your overall health improve, but this will also boost your car accident claim. As a result, you will increase the likelihood of receiving the fair compensation you deserve in a reasonable amount of time.

A local car accident lawyer can help you stay on track with your medical appointment as we work on your personal injury claim. Get in touch with Lone Star Injury Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation session.

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