Importance of Following up with Medical Care after a Sugar Land Car Accident

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Too often, car accident victims overlook the need for immediate medical attention following a wreck, mistakenly believing that their injuries will heal on their own. Others may feel that seeking medical treatment will consume too much of their time or have a general dislike for hospitals. However, neglecting to seek medical help at the time of the accident can have a negative impact on your injury claims. If you experience any discomfort or pain after an accident, it is crucial to prioritize seeking professional medical evaluation.

An experienced car accident attorney can emphasize the importance of following up with medical treatment after a car accident in Sugar Land. It is equally important to adhere to your doctor’s advice and treatment plan. Unfortunately, many victims of vehicle collisions seek initial treatment and assessments but fail to follow up with the recommended treatment plan. This may be due to a lack of medical insurance coverage, conflicts with work schedules, fear of accumulating substantial medical bills, or reluctance to take time off work as advised by their physician. Regardless of the reasons, failing to follow up with treatment can significantly impact your settlement.

The significance of adhering to the doctor’s instructions for follow-up appointments cannot be overstated. There are numerous advantages to complying with their recommendations, which include:

You Demonstrate Good Faith

Consistent medical care conveys a powerful message to your insurance company: you sustained significant injuries and are actively taking steps to recover. It shows your commitment to regaining your pre-accident health. Furthermore, regular visits to your doctor enable the monitoring of your pain levels throughout treatment and establish a clear link between your injuries and the specific accident.

For instance, if you are experiencing post-traumatic psychological issues, such as anxiety or depression, and your doctor refers you to a therapist, it is essential to comply with their recommendations. If your therapist advises weekly sessions, it is your responsibility to schedule and attend them. Failing to inform them and discontinuing treatment after only a few sessions can make it challenging to attribute your psychological problems to the recent accident. The insurance company may argue against compensating future bills, claiming that your decision to discontinue treatment implies you are no longer experiencing those symptoms. Following through with medical treatment after a wreck helps prevent the insurance company from making such arguments.

Following up with Treatment Increases the Likelihood of Coverage for Your Medical Bills

Consistently adhering to your doctor’s treatment plan significantly increases the chances of having all your injuries properly addressed and documented. For instance, if you sustained a spinal injury to your neck or back, it may be necessary to undergo treatment and therapy for several months. This ongoing care may involve additional therapy sessions and medication. By consistently attending these appointments, you can provide the necessary documentation to support your claims. However, if you decide to skip or miss some sessions, the insurance company may argue that you did not take the necessary steps to mitigate your pain, potentially leading them to deny coverage for the sessions following the gap in treatment.

Sticking to the Plan Maximizes the Value of Your Claims

Maintaining a proactive approach to your case can have a direct impact on its value. By doing so, you maximize the compensation for your injuries and damages, leaving no room for the insurance company to undervalue your claim. If you cannot make an appointment, be sure to cancel or reschedule it in advance as soon as you find an opening. Failure to follow up with treatment may result in being compensated only for the bills incurred during the specific period of treatment. This means that any future medical treatment related to your car accident injuries is likely to be disputed by the insurance company.

Getting Help from a Sugar Land Car Accident Attorney


The first priority after being involved in a vehicle collision is ensuring your safety. Recognizing the importance of following up with medical treatment after a car accident in Sugar Land is crucial. It is equally important to adhere to your doctor’s advice and instructions. Not only will this contribute to your overall well-being, but it will also strengthen your car accident claim, increasing the likelihood of receiving fair compensation in a timely manner.

A local car accident lawyer can provide assistance in coordinating your medical appointments while handling your personal injury claim. Contact Lone Star Injury Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation session. Our attorneys are available to discuss your case 24/7 at your convenience.

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