Liability in a Pasadena Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists deserve to be on Texas roads just as other motorists. Unfortunately, there’s a widespread bias against them especially from drivers, thus making them amongst the most endangered group on our roads. The misconceptions about motorcyclists being careless and irresponsible are mostly untrue. Although there are isolated cases where some are reckless, motorcyclists are not always to blame. If you were involved in one of these wrecks, reach out to our skilled motorbike collision attorneys for guidance. We can help you prove liability in a Pasadena motorcycle accident.

Establishing Liability and Negligence

Often, motorcyclists take great precautions and move around safely since they already know the dangers lurking, but they lack proper safety features to protect them from severe harm in case of an accident. Although helmets play a vital role in preventing traumatic harm to the head and brain, the rest of the body is usually exposed, thus the risks of sustaining catastrophic injuries. When you are injured, you may want to pursue compensation for the losses that follow. Before you do that, you must determine the party to sue. Establishing liability in a Pasadena motorcycle accident revolves around negligence. This means that:

  • A Duty of care existed
  • The duty of care was breached
  • The breach was the proximate cause of your injuries
  • You suffered tangible and intangible losses

If you were injured in a similar accident, you should take the first step to protect your rights by speaking with a skilled attorney. They play an integral part in helping establish fault by investigating your accident. They can also assist you in negotiating with insurance companies or proceeding to trial.

Parties who are likely to bear liability in a Pasadena motorcycle accident case include:

Motorcycle Manufacturers

It’s not always that a motorcyclist or another motorist is to blame for a motorcycle crash. Sometimes, an accident may occur due to a motorcycle’s or auto’s defective part or system. For example, when a defective tire blows up, or the brakes fail to deploy, a devastating crash may occur. In these cases, the manufacturer of the faulty part may bear liability for the accident and carry financial responsibility for the losses incurred by the victims. Maintenance companies may also be sued if the negligence of mechanics results in a crash.

Negligent Motorists

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers. Some hold the narrative that motorcyclists shouldn’t share the same roads, and thus act and drive aggressively against them. This is wrong and uncalled for. Like other motorists, motorcycle users have the right to use Texas roads whenever they wish.

Drunk driving, distracted driving, unsafe lane changes, speeding, and failure to yield are also common ways that motorists are negligent and could be held liable for a Pasadena motorbike crash.

Local/State Agencies

Motorcycle crashes may also occur due to poor road networks, unsafe road designs, as well as poorly marked intersections.  For example, if a road intersection is designed in a manner that blocks the view for motorists, they can easily collide with motorcycles.

Damages in a Pasadena Motorcycle Accident Case

Damages in a motorcycle accident claim vary from case to case. The compensation you get will be dependent on the specific losses you suffered after the crash. Normally, injured persons may sue for:

  • Lost wages for time not worked
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Wrongful death
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Property repair costs

A qualified attorney is crucial to discovering the full extent of your losses and establishing liability on behalf of the at-fault party after a motorcycle collision in Pasadena.

Let Our Attorneys Help You Establish Liability in a Pasadena Motorcycle Accident

Determining liability in a Pasadena motorcycle accident case is a necessity before you can recover any damages. It’s important that you discuss your incident with a skilled legal team that understands how fault works. Speak with the dedicated attorneys at our firm today.

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