Settling a Pasadena Car Accident Case

After an auto wreck, working with insurance companies to settle can be a challenging task. Many insurance companies are in the business of maximizing their profits even if it means denying or lowering your claim. If you are not well prepared, you are likely to settle for less or even lose out on your deserved settlement. That’s why you need to get yourself ready before engaging your insurance company.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand how difficult settling a Pasadena car accident case can be. We are here to protect your rights and interests, ensuring that you get value for your case. Our car accident attorneys have the skills and resources to take on any selfish insurance adjuster that wants to dupe you into accepting lowball settlements. Don’t settle for less, let our attorneys get you the settlement you deserve.

Five Tips on Maximizing Your Settlement

Settling a Pasadena car accident case takes a well-planned course. Claiming you were injured or incurred damages is not enough to get you settled. You need to build a solid indisputable case that leaves insurance companies with no other choice but to fairly settle you. Of course, each case is unique and distinct from the other and takes different approaches to attain a positive outcome. However, there are basic steps that can help you maximize your settlement when dealing with insurance companies.

Initiate Your Claim Instantly

Whenever you are involved in a car accident, don’t wait too long to initiate a claim with insurance companies. In fact, you should notify them immediately, even if you are yet to make up your mind about settling your case. Because you may be hurting your case if you delay. It is in your best interests that you take this step as soon as possible to get insurance companies prepared for settlement. They will have ample time to review the accident and assess your injuries or damages before making an offer.

Retain a Seasoned Auto Wreck Attorney

When it comes to settling a Pasadena car accident case, the best decision you can make is to hire a passionate and aggressive attorney. It does not matter whether you can handle your claim alone or not, statistics show that retaining a car accident lawyer boosts your chances of making a successful recovery. Getting legal assistance is vital since a seasoned legal team understands the different strategies used by insurance companies to deny settlement. Keep in mind that insurance adjusters should never be mistaken for your friends. They represent the interests of their employer and thus present a huge threat to your settlement. However, with a reputable attorney, you can easily negotiate a fair settlement.

Document Everything

The ability to settle your car accident case will be hinged on how best you can prove your claim. You and your auto wreck attorney must join hands in preparing the relevant documentation before you can successfully settle your claim. Some of the documents crucial to your case may include medical reports, police reports, and documentation showing your financial losses. Others may include photos of the scene and your injuries, insurance information of the other party, as well as videos showing the damage to your car or property.

Establish the Value of Your Claim

Before any negotiations begin, it is vital that you value your claim. Take all your tangible and intangible losses into the account before arriving at a final figure. All your expenses should be backed up with proof. The facts of your losses should not be manipulated for whatever reasons, as any dishonesty may be used against you by insurance companies. A qualified attorney may work with financial experts to value your intangible losses such as emotional trauma, physical pain and suffering, as well as diminished quality of life.

Turn Down the Initial Offer

The initial settlement offer may be mouthwatering, but you shouldn’t hasten to accept it. As mentioned, insurance adjusters may be quick to make an offer to settle the matter and prevent you from pursuing further compensation. For this reason, you will realize that the initial offer is just a fraction of what you deserve. Turning down the offer is the best way to start negotiations for maximum settlement.

Contact Our Attorneys to Learn More About Pasadena Car Accident Settlements

Settling a Pasadena car accident case is not a walk in the park. Often, you will have to stand your ground against selfish insurance companies. Without the right legal support, you are likely to settle for less or even lose out on your deserved settlement. Learn more about your case by speaking with our attorneys today.

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