Pasadena Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Being in a car accident is a lot to deal with. Currently, a traffic accident occurs on Texas roads every two minutes. The consequences are sometimes catastrophic, with some cases resulting in severe injuries and fatalities. If negligence is established to be at the center of the crash, injured victims may pursue compensation through insurance companies or proceed to a trial. Most cases are settled out of court, but only if the victim is content with the settlement offered. This leaves an option of taking matters to court if not satisfied.

Dealing with Pasadena insurance companies after a car accident requires enough legal muscle. They have attorneys on retainer ready to shoot down your claim no matter how straightforward it is. Therefore, it is in your best interests that you level the playing field by hiring a reputable auto wreck attorney. Our firms boast of experienced and award-winning lawyers who will help you face insurance companies and demand the justice you are entitled to. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we don’t settle for less.

Be Careful When Giving Statements

One common way that insurance companies may trick you after a Pasadena car accident is by sending an insurance adjuster your way. As employees whose main job is to serve the interests of their employer, they will do anything humanly possible to maximize profits.  This includes lowering your settlement or denying your claim altogether. They will be as friendly and concerned as possible, but don’t mistake them for your friends.

They may also make you as comfortable as possible to establish your weakness and take advantage of you. For example, when giving your statement, they may trick you into giving more information than you should. For example, they may ask who you think was to blame, and if by any chance you felt partly responsible, saying so could hurt your case. You shouldn’t agree to sign any documents without the counsel of a knowledgeable attorney. The only information you should divulge is the location of the accident and the injuries or losses you suffered. Any further communication should be handled by your attorney.

Negotiating a Settlement with Insurance Companies

When dealing with Pasadena insurance companies after a car accident, the best way you can maximize your settlement and protect your rights is by preparing a solid case. This means collecting and preserving relevant documents and evidence. Talk to eyewitnesses and have them record their testimonials. This comes in handy when proving fault since insurance adjusters may be quick to put the blame on you.

Collect all documentation showing your injuries or losses. They may include police reports, medical reports, and testimonials from expert witnesses. All of them play a vital role in helping maximize your compensation. For example, a financial expert will review your losses and the impact of the crash on your finances. They will calculate the past, present, and future losses you are likely to suffer from the accident. This will help secure your future.

Damages to Watch Out for When Dealing with Insurance Companies

Oftentimes, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds when damages are mentioned is economic or tangible losses. They include lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, property repair costs, and out-of-pocket expenses among others. What most victims forget is to pursue compensation for intangible losses or non-economic damages. These are losses that have no accurate dollar figure compared to economic damages. Physical pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, emotional trauma, and loss of consortium among others are the most common intangible losses following an accident.

Insurance companies may fail to take these losses into account when offering a settlement.  That’s why you should be on the lookout, and not settle for less than you deserve. A seasoned attorney may help you value these losses by retaining expert witnesses such as economists, mental health, and medical experts. Their testimonials go a long way in proving the impact of the accident on your physical and emotional being.

Get Help Dealing with Pasadena Insurance Companies

More people are finding themselves in the arena of having to deal with Pasadena insurance companies after a car accident.  The staggering amount of work that goes into making a successful claim is a lot for a victim to handle on their own. That’s why a seasoned auto wreck attorney is crucial. Consult with our legal team for free at a place of your convenience by scheduling a consultation online today. We are happy to help you get justice for your losses.

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