Injuries Following a Pasadena Car Accident

Auto wrecks in Texas are still a thorn in the flesh even with efforts and campaigns to reduce this growing concern. Whether you are a resident or a visitor here, being involved in an accident can happen in a split second. Actually, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) records an accident every two minutes. Many of these crashes result in serious injuries that require medical treatment.  Some of them cause permanent bodily harm.

Because you can only be prepared for an accident but not prevent it, you should know what injuries to look out for following a car accident in Pasadena. Our car accident attorneys will not only help you link with renowned medical experts, but also fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. Your life shouldn’t come to a halt just because someone else was negligent or careless.

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Common Injuries after a Car Wreck in Pasadena

Injuries following a Pasadena auto accident often cause catastrophic harm that can damage many parts of the body including the head, spine, and internal organs, and can even result in fatalities.

Head Injuries

Sudden trauma to the head can cause traumatic brain injuries.  Although the skull is designed to absorb all the shock and pressure from trauma, penetrative injuries may cause deep cuts that reach the brain. The head may be knocked against blunt surfaces in the vehicle’s interior or tarmac, resulting in lifetime problems that alter the brain’s functioning.  If severe, injuries to the brain may result in loss of cognitive functions.

Internal Organ Injuries

When someone escapes an accident without visible injuries, they assume that they are unhurt. However, there are cases where physical symptoms take a while to show, but that doesn’t rule out any injuries. In fact, some people sustain internal organ injuries but only discover them during medical evaluation. They may include broken ribs, and injuries to the lungs, liver, or kidneys. Internal bleeding may also occur and can be fatal if not discovered on time. That’s why we recommend that car accident victims seek prompt medical evaluation especially when they feel sickly after a crash.

Spinal Injuries

The rapid impact that your body suffers during a collision may cause irreversible damage to your spine.  Herniated or ruptured discs may cause pain, and limit your mobility.  If you have unusual pain or discomfort in your back, you should see a doctor immediately to have your injuries checked. Though not always permanent, these injuries usually take time to heal. A serious spinal injury may require surgery and therapy, ballooning the already huge financial burden.

Broken Bones

The impact of a car accident may cause your body to hit hard surfaces such as the vehicle’s interior parts or tarmac. Your skeleton may be subjected to excessive stress that it can withstand, thus resulting in broken bones. Although broken bones are unusually permanent, some may cause life-threatening harm. For example, broken ribs may puncture other internal organs, causing further harm. Broken bones may be painful, and depending on the area affected, you may suffer paralysis.


Many vehicles carry large amounts of fuel to facilitate their movement.  When a crash occurs, the sparks created may result in a fire incident, and trapped passengers may suffer life-changing burn injuries. First and second-degree burns heal sooner, while third and fourth-degree burns are life-threatening.  Extreme cases may require medical treatment such as grafting.

Cuts & Scrapes

Most minor fender benders cause cuts and scrapes. Although most of these injuries heal within a week or two, some may require medical treatment especially if they involve deep cuts. You should watch out for excessive bleeding after a crash as this may be fatal. But generally, cuts and scrapes call for no alarm.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

Not all injuries following a Pasadena car accident are physical. When our bodies undergo severe stress as is the case in auto wrecks, there is always the potential of suffering emotional and psychological harm. People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) usually have a problem getting back on the road and driving themselves, while others develop sleep problems. Seeing a therapist may help you get back to your normal life. A mental health expert may be called upon to offer insights about the emotional harm you suffered and how it affects your way of life.

Seek Legal Help for Injuries Following a Pasadena Car Accident

If you suffered serious injuries following a Pasadena car accident, our attorneys are happy to help you hold the responsible parties liable. We will hold them financially accountable for your losses. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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