Montgomery County Bus Accident Lawyer

Many Texans prefer traveling by bus over long distances, and even within cities. They are convenient and safe. They are also ideal for the mass movement of people compared to conventional passenger vehicles which normally accommodate between 2 to 7 passengers. An average bus can carry up to 80 people, while others accommodate more than that. Tour buses, Greyhound buses, and school buses are a common sight on Texas roads and highways.

While most trips are successful, not all of them end safely. There is always the risk of being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, some of these crashes are serious, resulting in catastrophic injuries and sometimes death. To add insult to injury, many of these cases are caused by driver negligence. The Montgomery County bus accident lawyers at our firm are dedicated to helping you hold the driver at fault responsible for their actions. Even if it means filing a personal injury case against the bus company for negligent hiring, we will do whatever it takes for justice to prevail.

Why Do Bus Accidents Occur?

Every bus accident is unique. Certain elements make each case distinct from the other. However, most of these causes are typically the same. Some of these factors have been singled out by the Texas Department of Transportation as the most common:

Distracted Driving

Although distracted driving has been an issue for many years, the advancement in technology has worsened the situation. Today, a driver can use their cell phone to text, reply to an email, or even play mobile games while driving. Any second spent looking away from the road could lead to a bus accident.

Poor Driver Training

Unlike smaller vehicles, buses require specialized driver training for safe operation. Their sheer size and weight make them vulnerable to accidents if not well handled. A seasoned Montgomery County bus accident attorney may work with necessary authorities to establish whether the driver who caused your injuries is accredited to be behind the wheel.

Reckless Driving

While a driver may be well trained, some engage in reckless driving, putting the lives of passengers and other road users at grave risk. Some malpractices such as speeding, careless overtaking, acts of road rage, and aggressive driving are some of the common ways a bus driver may be reckless.

Driver Fatigue

Inter-state buses travel hundreds of miles every day. Unfortunately, drivers do not have enough breaks to rest in between these trips. They have tight deadlines to meet from their employers. Tired drivers become impaired, and have less reaction time in case of an emergency.

Vehicle Malfunctions

Not all bus accidents are caused by driver misconduct. A poorly maintained vehicle or defective parts also contribute to these crashes. The manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or broker may find themselves on the defense following an accident.

Other common causes of bus accidents include:

  • Poor road conditions
  • Inclement weather conditions
  • Negligence from other road users

No matter what caused your accident, a skilled attorney can help you recover compensation as long as negligence is established.

When Should I Retain an Attorney for My Bus Wreck?

Essentially, not all bus accidents call for legal guidance, let alone filing a claim. For example, if you were not injured, there would be no absolute need for a personal injury claim. But if you suffered serious bodily harm or someone you love was killed, you need to speak with an experienced attorney.

Liability is always a contentious issue when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. Without liability, there can never be a claim. Since not all parties are willing to admit fault, which is sometimes not straightforward, you need a third party to resolve the dispute. A dedicated bus accident attorney in Montgomery County will go a step ahead to retain accident reconstruction experts who help establish the facts around your case. If convinced that your duty of care was breached and that you suffered harm as a result, you may be eligible for settlement.

Lastly, you need to retain legal representation when dealing with insurance companies. They are known to offer lowball settlements to victims without legal representation. In some cases, deserving victims are denied settlement altogether. To protect your rights, you should let an aggressive attorney handle communication with the insurance companies.

Call a Montgomery County Bus Accident Attorney for Legal Guidance

The moments following a bus accident can be confusing. There’s always the question of what you should do next. Finding the best legal counsel goes a long way in protecting your legal rights. Contact our Montgomery County bus accident lawyers for help with your questions.

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