Missouri City Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer

Encountering tankers and other commercial trucks on Texas highways requires you to observe an extra level of caution. Unfortunately, caution is sometimes not enough to guarantee your safety. Accidents happen, often due to the negligent behaviors of truck drivers and other key players in the trucking industry.

Truck accidents are commonly fatal particularly when they involve collisions with smaller passenger vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, or bikers. Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is a traumatizing experience. It can even be worse when someone else is to blame. Not only will you have to suffer emotional trauma, but also face untold financial losses. You may be eligible for monetary compensation through a wrongful death claim if you prove that the death of your loved one was preventable. A compassionate Missouri City fatal truck accident lawyer is best suited to lead the process on your behalf.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Following a Truck Accident

A wrongful death lawsuit is brought forward when someone is killed due to the fault of another party. The claim is similar to a personal injury case. However, in this scenario, someone else bears the responsibility of pursuing justice on their behalf. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the parties likely to bear fault in a fatal truck accident case include:

  • Truck drivers for negligent driving
  • Truck owners for improper vehicle maintenance
  • Trucking companies for negligent driver hiring
  • Truck manufacturers for defective truck parts and systems
  • State agencies for poorly maintained roads
  • Construction companies for poor road designs
  • Other road users for negligent behavior

Having a skilled Missouri City fatal truck accident attorney is central to discovering liability in your case. Multiple parties are usually involved in these claims, and understanding the role of each in the death of your loved one is critical to attaining justice. On top of that, your legal team will analyze the facts available and strategize on what legal option is likely to yield maximum compensation.

Who Can Pursue Compensation Following a Wrongful Death?

Not everyone is allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Texas. Wrongful death cases are often brought forward by a person representing the deceased’s estate. Each state in the U.S defines these parties, but oftentimes, the following persons are legally allowed to pursue compensation on behalf of their loved ones:

  • Spouse
  • Deceased’s children
  • Parents

These parties may decide to file the case on their own or through an appointed representative. Many people choose to work with an attorney. Our Missouri City fatal truck accident attorneys understand what is at stake and are committed to helping you get the closure you need.

Damages to Seek in a Fatal Truck Accident Lawsuit

Damages in a lawsuit resulting from a truck accident are placed into two categories. One, you may sue for the damages the deceased would have been eligible for if they survived. Under this category, compensation may cover:

  • Deceased’s lost wages
  • Deceased’s lost future earnings
  • Deceased’s physical pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Emotional trauma
  • Any other provable loss

Additionally, you may sue for damages you suffer due to the loss of a loved one. These damages include:

  • Loss of consortium
  • Burial/funeral expenses
  • Loss of financial dependency
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of guidance

There is no limit to the damages you can sue for as long as they are provable. A seasoned Missouri City fatal truck accident attorney may help calculate your losses and ensure you are fairly compensated.

Contact Our Compassionate Missouri City Fatal Truck Accident Attorneys

While no survival action claim or wrongful death lawsuit is simple, those stemming from truck accidents are more complex to deal with. Our trusted Missouri City fatal truck accident lawyers are experienced in handling such cases and will be happy to provide the legal assistance you need to find justice. Call us today to discuss your case at no cost.

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