Broken Bones in a Missouri City Pedestrian Accident

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Broken bones can happen in different ways in pedestrian accidents. The victim may be hit by a speeding car, sustaining injuries severe enough for the crash to break their bones. In the same manner, he or she may be struck with a significant force, making them fall to the ground on their arm or shoulder which fractures their bones as they hit the road. Regardless of how a pedestrian collision occurs, broken bones can be life-threatening depending on the impact on the victim and which bones are broken.

In the worst scenario, bone fractures may require weeks, months, or years to treat. Worse still, they may lead to total disfigurement of parts of the body. As a result, you may have to contend with a new way of life in addition to the huge medical bills that will most likely accrue from treatment. In some cases, you may remain in a wheelchair for some time, where your quality of life will likely be greatly reduced.

If you have sustained broken bones in a Missouri City pedestrian accident, contacting our lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys should be one of the first things to do. Not only does this serve to protect your interests in the accident, but it also goes a notch higher by safeguarding your legal rights. A successful lawsuit will lead to full compensation for your damages.

What are the Common Injuries Associated with Broken Bones?

Bone fractures in a pedestrian collision vary based on the severity of impact. For example, the impact that arises from being hit by a cyclist is far much lower than that witnessed in a pedestrian-car accident. But either way, some of the injuries associated with broken bones include:

How Will Broken Limbs Affect My Life?

The impact of sustaining broken bones in a pedestrian accident can be huge based on how the accident occurred. For example, a broken toe may affect your ability to walk, while broken ribs may affect your ability to breathe. Understanding how the broken bones affect your life is key to developing a lifestyle change and is also important to showing the liable party’s insurance company the damage that was caused by their insured’s negligence.

It is important to understand that your life will be affected based on how you lived before the accident occurred. Your quality of life will likely take a sudden turn. Some of the major ways through which your life may be affected include:

You May Become More Dependent on Others

One of the disappointing effects of being involved in a pedestrian collision is that the victim becomes dependent on family and friends for the most basic needs. For example, if you injure your lower body from the waist downwards due to broken limbs, you are most likely going to require help in moving from one place to another. This can be disheartening to ask for help when you have to visit the bathroom or get out of bed.

Your Income and Finances Will Reduce

This is quite obvious. Seeking medical treatment for bone fractures can be expensive, more so when you don’t have health insurance coverage. Some of the treatment procedures require surgery and regular visits to the doctor, and for you to effectively follow up with your treatment plans, you will require huge finances. In the long run, your income may decrease given that you may spend less time at work (or none at all) as you focus on healing your injuries.

You Will Undergo Pain & Suffering

Broken bones are often very painful, more so when the nerves are affected. Living with such pain may result in significant emotional and mental anguish. You are bound to undergo some pain and suffering during rehabilitation and wound dressing. The doctor may twist your leg or arm during treatment, and you may require painkillers to ease the pain associated with that.

You May Feel Symptoms of Depression

The sudden change of activities and quality of life may take its toll on your mental health. The pain, suffering, and dependency on other people will often not sit well with most pedestrian accident victims. If not well taken care of, a majority of such victims end up feeling clinically depressed.

Can I Receive Damages for Bone Injuries in a Pedestrian Accident?

The answer is YES. You can receive damages for your losses in a pedestrian accident. However, there are legal procedures to help you get justice for your injuries. A good lawyer can assist in collecting and presenting evidence of your damages to further your best interests.

Contact a Missouri City Pedestrian Collision Attorney if You Have Broken a Bone

Our accident attorneys at Lone Star Injury Attorneys have litigated dozens of cases related to broken bones in a Missouri City pedestrian accident. We understand how difficult it can be to seek legal help without finances. For this reason, we have incorporated a plan which saves you the hustle of worrying about legal fees. We will work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only get paid once we win the case for you. Talk to us today for a free consultation.

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